Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday

Painter:Nathan Greene, 1961

Thank-you for joining us on another
Wonderful Women's Wednesday!
On Sunday we were with family members (male)
discussing and wondering why the women
did not receive higher recognition for their Gold
Hockey Achievement in the Olympics.
As you all know Crosby wins!!
It was interesting to hear the male section
agree that the women's hockey was outstanding..

Anyways we're on to bigger and better things.
Today I want to recognize two women from the Bible.

Mary & Martha!

These are two women who loved and dared.
They committed themselves to Jesus, truly following him.
They have inspired many of us...
in offering hospitality,
studying the scriptures,
loving God and neighborhoods.

As we all know..
Martha was regarded as a "homemaker type"
an in charge type of women,
concerned with household details.

Mary was often seen as a scholarly,
more spiritual,
maybe with a feminist personality.

This photo depicts Martha as someone
worried and distracted.
She resents Mary's behavior.
In the end, it looks like Jesus tells her,
that she has lost her focus...
She needs only one thing.....
She is to choose the 'Better Part"
to love God and her neighborhood,
and to be a disciple of Christ.....
I'm sensing some controversy right now!
Think about it...
Guests were coming for dinner, so Martha
presented the Martha Stewart way of life...
The sister not lifting a finger???
My blood pressure is rising...

Come to think of it, why didn't he
perform a miracle and feed the crowd,
that way Martha could of also sat at his feet?

What are your thoughts...?
We will be sticking to this topic for a few weeks.

Who do you represent?
Mary or Martha?
What does the 'Better Part' really mean?

Monday, March 29, 2010


Help! My Tulips are Leaning.

I wonder what that means.
I just sat down for a few minutes and noticed them.
They describe how I feel right now.

I've had a busy weekend getting ready
once again, for a family birthday party.
Papa celebrated 98 years.
And the house was full.

Tonight I'm tired....
and I will be leaning toward bed.
Tomorrow, I will be leaning toward clean up...
And hopefully find some time to play with the new templates.

I wonder what direction they will lean tomorrow.
I love my Leaning Tulips.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday!

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite
authors, Sue Monk Kidd!

How many of you have read
The Secret Life Of Bees?
The Mermaid Chair?
Travelling with the Pomegranates?

When I am on vacation, I love to read.
I have an assortment on the go.
I ask many of my friends for their suggestions.

I picked up this one, and have ordered more.
It's a must for anyone my age going through life's journey.
Many of us have grown up in churches circles,
and have put hours of volunteer service,
into our churches, families, schools and communities.

Now that my children have grown older,
I've asked myself many questions.
This book is one of those meat-tasting books.
I read one chapter a day and made many notes.
Thank-you Martha for your suggestion.
Martha is an internet friend..
I'm hoping to meet her later in April!

Sue Monk Kid challenges women our age to take time.
Taking time to be who we were meant to be.
She will challenge you to let go of your stuff.
She makes you think and takes you through
the stages of life in an extraordinary way....

She is on my top list of Women authors for this week.
Who is your favorite female author and why do you admire her?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Really All Over

Welcome to the Paralympics in Whistler!
The atmosphere in Whistler was:

It was unbelievable to sit in the stands and watch these
incredible, strong-spirited athletes perform in front of our eyes.

We arrived at the Whistler Alpine Ski Venue,
to find ourselves amidst some famous fans.

We mixed and mingled....
Cheered on our Golden Girl, Lauren Woolstencroft.

Then we mingled with the Josh Dueck crowd,
cheering for him...
who received a Silver Medal in the Men's Slalom.

Do you recognize these smiling celebrities?

This was not an unusual scene in the village of Whistler.

Monument for Nodar Kumaritashvili,
who died in practice on the opening day of the Olympics.
This will remain in our hearts forever.

On Sunday we squeezed our way into the crowds,
to see the athletes parade in front of us.

The parade started and of course we cheered our RCMP
who wore their distinctive ceremonial uniforms.

Carrying the flag and leading the parade,
here she is...LAUREN Woolstencroft!
Five Golden Medals.

All of a sudden in the corner of my eye,
there he was...our Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper.





Great Britain!






The Torch is lit!
This was one moving experience.

And now the official flag will be handed over to Sochi,
Russia who will host the Winter Games in 2014!
(photo downloaded from the internet)

The Paralympics may be finished,
but the memories, the stories, this is what
speaks to the human heart.
They speak strength!

(I will share the grand kids version later)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday's Favorite Five ~ March 19th!

This week has been another celebration of life. Today is March 19th. Life has many turns, and I know I have shared this story before, but each year, it becomes a special milestone for our family.
Thanks Susanne over at Living to Tell a Story, It's so fun to share our highlights.


It was March 19th, 1971, that this young man, learned that life handed him a different deck of cards than expected. He lost a limb in a farming accident. .This stage was set which changed his life forever. He became grateful for a spared life. He had a tremendous support group of medical physicians, which gave him new hope. He was encouraged to think of the Olympics...he was on his way. Sports Magazine headlines...Calls came from all over Canada, supporting his new Olympic training schedule, off to train.........but what about wife and farm?
But one day as we reflected more about life and our goals and values, he decided Family and Farming over Fame.
As my children grew up, I always made it a point to recognize this day... It was an opportunity to share God's enduring promises to our family, regardless of the path! We both had the same framework, Our Faith in God!


So this week I've been teaching those little grand boys about what it's like to be physically different. I found a children's book on the "Life of Rick Hansen." While I read it to Levi, he was playing....building...concentrating.. I said, "Would you like to see the pictures?" "No, Oma, I can keep playing.. I can visualize the pictures in my mind."
I think his Opa read that book, three more times that night.


Meanwhile,I taught the youngest, Silas to say, Go Canada Go!
Well, as you can see, he mustered up quite a storm with his flags..shouting, "GOKANATAGO!"


They sat quietly with their Opa, watching the stories of Rick Hansen and Terry Fox, unfold in front of them. I had taped the Paralympic Ceremonies. How much can they understand, you ask? I believe we have the opportunity to share life with these little ones as they learn to understand others, that live with physical disabilities. Oh by the way...they ate pizza and Lovella's rice krispie squares. Oh, they loved them! That's a first, in front of the TV!


So what's the hype? I can never get my big kids together for a sporting event, like hockey, basketball etc., but when I mentioned the Paralympics?...they all wanted in! It's once in a lifetime. So we will all be going to watch the Men's Super G Alpine ~ Standing event at Whistler Creekside, this weekend.
Those little ones are all prepared, with their Canada shirts, mittens, and flags.

Today, my Best Friend ever, that Man of Mine, receives another Gold for Canada as a husband, father and Opa! He loves and values family. He gave up the FAME!!!

Keep celebrating those milestones, my friends.

PS...My little Levi, just called me tonight, to tell me that he is so excited to go to the Paralympics....he has never seen his Opa ski. Guess who's coming with me to Big White next year?

I think I'm in for a great weekend!

“Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak” Thomas Carlyle

Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday

Good Morning!

This is a take from the Olympics.
On Wednesday, February 24th,
the Canadian Women swept the medals away...
I believe it was Brian Williams our CTV host,
who he referred to them as:

"Wonderful Women's Wednesday"

Since then my heart/mind has been pondering about this..
I would love to launch a new theme here for Wednesdays.

There are many wonderful women who have shared life
with me at great depths,
whether they be authors, musicians, friends, educators, pastors,
Biblical characters, mentors, athletes...on and on we go.
I thought that perhaps we could begin to
identify some of these Women in our lives.

I would love for you to partake with me,
share your thoughts and experiences of Women
who have made a difference in your life.
We all have a way of learning so much from each other,
and this will be a place for you to share your thoughts.

"This is My MOM!"
(She passed away in 2000)

A while back, when I was working on my photo albums,
and this shot caught my attention.

I shouted, "This is MY MOM!"

These were the days when she had health.
She gave so much life to me.
Here you can see her in my old farm kitchen....
baking pie by the pie, of course.
She had a heart for hospitality,
compassion for others,
and an ear for listening.

Tell me one thing that you love about your mom.

Please come back next Wednesday...
and let's see who's next.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Unbelievable Shock Waves!

Yes, I've taken a zip line to another continent.
but, I'm Home Again..

Totally out of the blue, our friends called and
invited us to join them for a week in Oahu.
My husband was totally shocked that I responded,
so quickly, on such little notice.

Meanwhile, I knew that Judy from My Front Porch,
was on the Big Island of Hawaii for a few weeks.

My mind started working over time,
strategically making my moves to surprise her.
Or you might say, shock her!!!

Meanwhile at home...hardly anyone new that
I was leaving...except for two strategic people,
who I needed to help carry out this plan.

They cooperated and it worked.

The day started early!
Tuesday, March 9th.
6:00 am. Screaming alarm clocks.
7:15 am. Pick-up at our condo.
Honolulu traffic is at a standstill.
"Oh no, will we miss our flight?"
We have deadlines to meet.
Discover HOV lane...hoping it exits for the airport.
Right decision.
We met our 9:15 departure deadline at the airport.
9:50 Arrival time in Kona.

Shuffled about to find our rental car.
Destination to Waikola Village,
where JB, shocked all of us.

He scheduled a 2 hour narrated helicopter tour, with
Hawaii's premier helicopter tour company.
"Blue Hawaiian Helicopters"
Flight departure 12:30pm

Meanwhile, I had no intentions of joining this heli-tour.
I objected...but was told I had no choice.
Seat selection was made and I became the co-pilot.

It was on his bucket list, not mine!
I knew I had to be a sport...I really do not like heights.
I had no choice!
I knew his game plan....and I had to play along.

My first question to the pilot was
"Why is that string attached to the aerial?"

"Madame, this is the cheapest and yet most reliable tool
gauging the direction of the wind."

The helicopter tour was beyond belief.
(I'll describe that at a later date.)
But, meanwhile I was hoping that my accomplice
was standing by.......and keeping time.

We landed exactly at 2:30 pm, and there he was, disguised.

We followed him for the next 45 minutes which seemed the
longest day of my life.....

3:15 pm Knock! Knock!

Shocked beyond Belief!

"Marg, what on earth are you doing here?"

Imagine the chattering and jabbering the next few minutes.

We all joined together to dine out for supper.
I could not even tell you where we went to eat.
Judy was in shock as we tried to outline the preliminary steps,
over the past weeks, of how this event evolved.
Great supper with Great friends.
Oh, I can't forget to thank my partners in crime!!!

5:30 pm..departure flight from Kona.
Drop of the car, catch the shuttle to the airport and no men.
"Where on earth are they?"

Yea for us we declared ourselves,
"the winners of the Amazing Race!"

A wonderful day, with unbelievable surprises and memories.
A perfect sunset to end a perfect day.

Who says we can't have fun at our age?