Monday, February 8, 2010

The Torch Arrives with You-Tube Behind!

Sunday, Feb 7th arrived.
I was up early and fussing around as usual...
The long awaited day had arrived.
We've had so much fun preparing and anticipating the
arrival of the Olympic Torch!
Banners and Flags in hand and out the door!

We've been planning this event for months and years.
We rode down the same old country road,
just like we did, many years ago when Rick Hanson,
"The Man in Motion Tour" wheeled by. (1986)
Enthusiasm was high!

This experience was customized to suit our individual agendas.

While we were waiting we chatted to the Torch Bearer,
Dane Low, from The Cactus Club in Vancouver.
What an Honor!

A great opportunity to congratulate this young Torch Bearer.
We made it on YOU-TUBE! Enjoy! I love the music.

There comes our runner!

It's funny how a single flame can light up a whole nation.

The fanfare and parade continued with on lookers cheering loudly.

And so the excitement carried on as we drove back home,
preparing to hoist up the Olympic flag.
We tried so desperately to sing the Olympic Theme Song!
You need to check out You-Tube!!!

The table was reflecting a festive Olympic mood.

The festivities continued late into the evening celebrating
birthdays with families and friends.

Thanks Judy & Elmer for making this one special day!
Thanks for sharing the You-Tube link!!
Sunday, Feb.7th 2010.
Winter Olympics!

This flame will truly ignite our Canadian hearts,
as we share the patriotic spirit with those around us.


  1. Love, love, love your Olympic Spirit! What fun!!

  2. So exciting Marg! I also saw Judy's photos this morning. It is a wonderful time for Canada and especially British Columbia! Enjoy it all!

  3. Oh it is so infectious this enthusiasm of yours. You are our group cheerleader for sure and I can't help but think how appropriate that is. Yay . .Canada.

  4. What a fun time...and memorable! And I see that you partied on after we left. It was good to share the occasion with you!

  5. Marg, you get even me feeling quite patriotic. Beautful post!

  6. Have fun for me, too! I wish I were there. What an amazing opportunity for your country!

  7. Marg. . .I love the you tube clip . .you and your little Judy. .are the most adorable girlfriends. . I love that you did that all matchy matchy! I'm reving up for the party we're invited to on Friday.

  8. Great pics Mom! you look so happy. I'm glad you made it on youtube... never know where it goes from there!:)

  9. What fun!! And the youtube is awesome - perfect music - I was expecting you both to start running along with him :)

    A day for the memory books!

  10. Marg, great post! I have to say, even though I'm not Canadian, watching the torch ceremony on YouTube brought tears to my eyes! Can't wait for Feb. 12 and the opportunity to watch athletes compete.

  11. We are stocking up on popcorn and fluffing the couch pillows in preparation of hours of Olympic viewing.

    Perhaps that could also be an event: the ability to sit for long periods of time while shouting at people who are miles and miles and miles away to GO GO GO!!!!

    Going for the gold in this event.

  12. I really love your sense of fun and love of celebration! Looks like you know how to throw a great party.

  13. Marg.. that was sooo well done !
    I loved the youtube.. especially the two exceptionally beautiful ladies in white and red standing with the torch bearer !!
    I'm priviledged to call them friends! smile..

  14. YouTube ~ how exciting is that ! And I love your sense of fun, your spirit and positive energy. You do know how to throw a party. Celebrate!


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