Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Summer or Winter Olympics?

Monday was another the Olympics.
This time I will show you the streets of Vancouver,
in their natural, native beauty.
We have never had spring this early.
Is this really the Winter Olympics?
Clear crystal skies, with afternoon degrees up to 15'.

Cherry blossoms!





I am proud that Vancouver can not only host the Olympics,
but it can also boast it's most beautiful scenic spring blooms.
On Monday we watched the Canadian girls, defeat Finland 4-0!

Who do you think will win the Womens Gold Medal Hockey Game?
Bookmark this game if you want some action.

Thursday, February 25th @ 15:30

Today I enjoyed watching Canada achieve another Gold,
in the Ladies Freestyle Cross.

Congratulations Ashleigh McIvor!

Born and raised in Whistler.
That's as close to Canadian turf as we can get.

Keep cheering...
Go Canada Go!


  1. I wish I could watch them game! Apearetnly our kids have not been able to see any of the Olympics in Indonesia. I'll have to rely on your blogs for updates!

  2. I have been looking for you every evening when I turn on the Games. What a beautiful land Vancouver, BC is ~ my husband and I have moved it to the top of the list of places we want to visit. I have enjoyed these Games so much - all of it ! Congrats to all who get to participate in these Games - they are all true champions.

  3. It really has been a lovely Olympics. The weather has showcased Vancouver so well. That Thursday game should be a fun one to watch...

  4. Gorgeous spring flowers! I was watching the Olympics last night and it was snowing during the bobsled competition and also during Ashleigh McIvor's winning run for the ski cross. The weather is just crazy anymore ....

  5. Marg, beautiful pictures of Vancouver. I was snapping them up as well yesterday.
    I just saw Clara Hughes get her bronze. .what a joy to see her on the podium one more time.
    I'm settling in for game tonight.

  6. I can't believe you have spring flowers already. We are still in the "gray" stage of last winter.

  7. Marg, I am loving every minute. And, as I watch I am thinking of what a beautiful spot in the world you live.

  8. Living in a mediterranean climate now, I don't see rhododendrons or forsythia. I had them both in my garden in Oregon and I miss them.

  9. You were there when Ashley won? How exciting. I watched that on tv. So happy for her. I've sorta been trying to see if I spot you or Michelle, another Vancouver blogger, in the crowds at the events I've watched.

    It's gonna be Canada winning the gold! Go Canada! :v)

  10. We are so enjoying the Spring Olympic Games in beautiful Vancouver!

    Seriously...each of my visits to Vancouver and Victoria was all about seeing the floral abundance everywhere. We spent a full day exploring the lesser known Victoria gardens and rueing the fact that we just had scratched the surface of possibilities.

  11. Oh look at those blossoms~ Marg, I need SPRINGTIME in New York!
    We've had over 20" of snow this week... We had more today and school let out early *one positive effect*

    How lovely Vancouver is ~ It's moving to the top of the vacation list for most of the world watching the Olympics and for all of us out here enjoying all the Olympic & Vancouver posts!
    Take care & enjoy it all ♥ Maria


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