Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Kids ~ Big Potential

I was invited to a school assembly at my daughter's school.
I love the feeling of walking inside,
giving hugs to teachers and kids.

"Are you Ms. Drifts' Mom?"
You bet!

This was a special event.
Yes, we feel the excitement of the Olympics,
but this was different excitement today.

A few months back, a young student had approached
my daughter asking about raising funds for a project...
Hm....she thought....she wasn't sure how that would unfold.

But after the Haiti Earthquake, January 12th,
it changed the hearts of some students for ever.
This young girl, together with four others,
began to build a project of raising money for
"The Haiti Project"

Just like the torch igniting the hearts of our nations,
this young girls passion to help those in Haiti,
has ignited many other childrens hearts.

They started saving pennies.
You can all imagine those large pennie jars...
They found money under couches and cupboards,
in the laundry room.
How many times have you left cash in your pockets.
These students promoted their dream, not only to their own school,
but to ten other schools in our local community.
Their hearts were ignited!!!!

This was a live hands on learning project.
Mathematical skills.
History & Geography
Writing & Spelling
Counting Skills ~ all coins needed to be separated and tallied.
Wrapping Coins ~ coordinating fingers with paper work.
Compassion ~ learning to care for less privileged.
Empathy ~ they have several Haitian children in their school.
Students and teachers counted coins for days on end.
I believe the curriculum was well covered over the past weeks.

We can never underestimate the worth of picking up a penny...

and dropping it into a jar...

One girl had a dream and shared it with others.
The teacher stood by, supported, facilitated and coordinated,
events to make this dream become a reality.

Today, at the assembly they presented the The Red Cross
with a cheque of..

And with the Governments Match?

Small Kids ~ Big Potential

This experience truly moved my heart,
observing the opportunities that children can
contribute to society and make dreams come true.




  1. Wow! Never say never...where there is a will there is a way. Amazing results from an 'inner city' school.

    Without your daughter's encouragement and would not have happened. What a difference a teacher can make in the lives of her students...not only for the present but lifelong.

  2. I'm in tears. This is teaching with heart - heart for Haiti, heart for the child with the vision, then passing it on to not only her class, or school but the whole school district! This experience of giving to others in need, is allowing compassion to develop in the children that will stay with them lifelong. What a blessing! (and a crazy amnount of money raised by these young ones - couldn't believe it!)

  3. Wow!! What an achievement for those children - and a blessing for Haiti. Your daughter's school is teaching lessons that those children will never forget.

  4. This truly is school - the school of life - teaching/learning in so many ways . . . and I like that the focus is on others.

  5. Never say never . .I love a cheerful giver and what amazing things God can do when we are willing. May God bless these children with a life long heart to give. They will be much more content for it.
    Your daughter must be an awesome teacher indeed.

  6. This is so fabulous! What a wonderful lesson for all.

  7. That is such a great idea. What valuable lessons were learned in the process.

  8. How inspirational, how WOW ! The best lessons taught in school are the ones which teach and encourage children to be responsible, compassionate community members. Hats off to all ! And Happy Olympics to you !

  9. wow........that is simple amazing...great kids have great must be very proud.
    this is am incredible gift not only for Haiti, but for the students.

  10. I'm amazed! $15,000 from pennies! Wow! Just shows what starting with some little can grow into.

    Kudos to your daughter and all the other schools that jumped on the bandwagon.

  11. FABULOUS!!!!

    (and your red-for-the-Olympics lights also works for Valentine's Day. So clever of Canada to work that co-ordination out. It really works to build excitement for the Spring Olympics up your way...bty: we have lots of snow today!)

  12. Thanks everyone! you're compliments mean a lot. These kids really came through... I was so proud of them!

  13. What a fantastic project Marg! What wonderful children and an even more wonderful teacher who helped them do this! You must be so proud of your daughter!

    It also shows that pennies can add up... great lesson for all!

    PS Tomorrow's the big day! Looking forward to seeing the Olympic opening ceremonies!

  14. This is so great, Judy! God bless your daughter, the children and their beautiful hearts ♥
    I love the children's sweet little voices in the video. Precious
    Excellent Video Production* love the song too!
    Your sidebar is filled with Olympic spirit! love your Gold medal cake! It's fabulous!
    (Why do I love food so much ;o)


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