Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Canada Go!

Fly the Olympic Flag High!

The day has finally come.
Join me as we sing our national anthem!
This is History!
Go Canada Go!

The countdown is completed...
This has been one tremendous journey...
watching the Journey of the Torch on October 30, 2009.
Today it will complete it's 106th day journey....

I'm overwhelmed with emotion as we celebrate the 2010 Olympics!

I just want to share with you some simple ways of keeping
the flame alive in your hearts over the next few weeks.

Place an Inukshuk, our Olympic mascot, in your home.

Bake a Cake ~ Going for the Gold!

Light up a tree with some red lights.
Sprinkle a few white lights inside.

Attend an Olympic Ceremony in your Community.

Tonight we're watching the opening ceremonies on the big screen.
Phone up some friends and bring some food and munchies.
Our church is hosting a Minor Hockey Appreciation Night,
allowing them to watch the big hockey game on the big screen.
Canada vs.USA/ Olympics Mens Hockey!
Sunday, Feb.21, 2010!!!
This is an appreciation event for coaches and their teams.
Add some food and away you go!


Find yourself some red t-shirts and take some Duck Tape
and write Canada or US on the back of your shirt.

Choose the Olympic colors as you wrap gifts,
during this season.

Show off your pottery designed by a local artist.
I received this as a Christmas gift and will be
using it to serve my appetizer tonight.

Chew some Olympic Gum!

Last by not least, you can all share the spirit of
"Believing Canada will receive it's first Gold Medal."

Of course I'm patriotic towards Canada,
but I wish the best for all the nations of the world.

I'm off to Whistler!!! To share the Olympic Spirit!
What an honor to share this experience.

Have a wonderful time celebrating and cheering!
There's two guaranteed Gold Medals in the making.
Check back with me on Monday for the final results.


  1. What a great Olympic spirit you have! I'm sure the next few weeks will be magical for you! I, too, hope Canada does well on winning medals (although we must keep our competitive spirit alive at least a bit and hope the the U.S.A. also does well)! Have fun for all of us who won't be there.

  2. It was so much to watch the torch ceremony (on t.v.) at the border yesterday! It got me all excited for sure.

  3. Oh...what fun! From raising the sitting at the Olympic eating from your Olympic dish...and having more than my share of the Olympic's great to share the moments. And the games have not yet begun!

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  5. For the record I just wanted to say that I'm so pleased my t.v. coverage includes a Canadian channel so I can watch your coverage of the Olympics instead of the U.S.A's coverage. They have gotten way too selective on what they choose to show us...

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  7. Wow! What a lot of great ideas and wonderful spirit! We had a grand time in front of our TV on Friday night - what a spectacular event. I can only imagine what fun it must have been to have been there.


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