Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Unforgettable Day!

It started early Feb.13, 2010.
5:00 AM the alarm rings.
"What, this is my birthday?"
Getting up early?
Off we went!!
Whistler was our destination.

Our Pastor and Coach Driver,
both gave us the time of our lives.
"FUN FUN FUN" Bus Lines!
You can figure out the rest.
This was the last bus available to take a church group to Whistler!
This described the rest of our day.

Free sailing, till our first road block.
What kind of Fun adventure would this be?

A fiery squad of RCMP, limousines, security, ambulances,
sped in front of us....
Who could the celebrity be?

So we followed behind this entourage!
Escorted to Whistler...we felt privileged.

Oh by the way,
I was so relieved to know, that we were using a charter bus...
They have washrooms, don't they?
"Oh, yes, Madame, only for emergency."
Shucks, no more coffee for me.

Upon arrival we noticed the Olympic rings.
Emotions filled our hearts.
Here we stood, just like many others, paying respect to

Nodar Kumaritashvili

the Goergia athlete who died during his luge practice run,
on Feb 12, 2010, the beginning day of the opening ceremonies.
My heart cries for his family, for his team, and for his country.

I enjoyed the day!( double click to see your country.)
There was energy and buzz all over the village.
I was ecstatic, texting, everyone I knew could understand text.
I, of course had the fun of playing paparazzi.
I love people watching and these are the countries
from which we encountered athletes and representatives.
Great Britain
CTV News Broadcasting

If you know me,
I loved catching the energy of the little ones.
Too much fun!
Parents and children enjoying the Olympic spirit.

And guess who I saw at the end of the day.
Yes, to all my American friends, your.....
Vice President, Joe Biden.
And he said, Hello to us!
On my birthday!
Now we know who that celebrity was......
I learned one thing, that day....
"You don's mess with security."

What a historical day.
A day filled with emotions and events,
that have effected Canada for the rest of our lives.
Only to mention two Olympic Golds on Canada's territory.
This was a dream, come true, indeed.
This was truly One Unforgettable Day!
February 13th, 2010.


  1. That definitely sounds like a mountaintop birthday to me! What a great way to remember the birthday of 2010.

    May the road ahead be free of roadblocks...and lead to many more wonderful experiences.

  2. Now that is what I call a birthday to remember! I am so happy for you!

  3. What a wonderful Birthday experience for you! I love how you made a collage of all that country garb! Love it.

  4. Wow - you really know how to celebrate a birthday! I'm enjoying reading about bloggers' visits to the Olympics and hearing from my daughter who is working there - what an experience!

  5. Wow....what a great birthday. Cool that you mixed with dignitaries! Lucky you. I am surprised you got such a great shot....AND were allowed to keep it. Well done! Nice that he said hello...and on your special day!

  6. So you were the one who broke security and got too close to Joe Biden? LOL.

    Looks like an exciting, incredible birthday! How I would love to be there!

  7. Marg. .you really did have an amazing day and I'm so glad for you. I could almost see you taking notes of the countries that you had talked to someone from.
    Good celebrity sighting too. .once in a lifetime no doubt.

  8. Wow! What a great birthday!

    And Happy Birthday to you!

  9. What a fun birthday you had Marg!

    I like Joe Biden ..he's a nice "down to earth" kind of man.

    It was very sad about that athlete from Georgia. Some sports are dangerous and the luge is one of them.


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