Monday, February 15, 2010

The Making of Another Gold Medalist!

There's been a Gold in the making for a few years.
We've been waiting to break this news for a long time.
Who would of known that the whole world
would come to celebrate our birthdays on February 13, 2010!

She was once, this young toothless little wonder.
Innocent from what the big world would bring.
Her safety net was her home.

We encouraged all our children to think about staying close to home
meanwhile helping out on the family farm.
Somehow milking cows was not her fit.

In high school she passionately played basketball,
only to find out that injuries occurred.
I remember the call...

Her first taste of the medical field began,
when she became the patient.
Now, I can see why she loves it...
I'm wondering how severe her condition looks.

Wouldn't life be easy if all patients could be so happy?
Now I can see why she chose the medical profession.

Today, she's reflecting, pondering and meditating.

Tomorrow she's flying high!
A quick call to let me know she has arrived at our local airport.
"Mom, Dad, Can you meet us for pie?"

Working casual in her profession has given her many opportunities.
If she was paid for travelling, she would be rich.
From the Philippines, to Thailand, Hawaii, to New York,
then off to Montreal, with Mexico for Christmas.
and then recently, off to El Salvador...
Do you ever plan to have REAL work?

Does she look like she's suffering?
I wonder what she's planning next.

Today she is proudly wearing her Canadian colors and wondering
if she would be eligible for that first Canadian Gold medal.
Somehow she's giving us the impression that there's a flame burning...
She's out to reach for it and she'll get it!
Congratulations on your new career position!
You've waited and it was worth it.

No matter what she tackles,
it's evident that she pours out her heart and soul.

Remember, one million people were born on our birthday,
which means, we're both, one two in a Million!

We are more than proud to celebrate Canada's Gold medal today!


  1. Congratulations on the Gold and on your birthdays!! How sweet is that. Your daughter is beautiful.

  2. What is it about daughters in the medical field that travel endlessly?

    So good to see them having fun! So good to see you both looking wonderfully happy and blessed.

    Happy birthday to ya both!

  3. She has your enthusiasm for life! looks like you really enjoy sharing life together. Gold on your birthdays! How fun is that! Congrats to your beautiful daughter for her accomplishments in life and all the best in what the future holds. May God bless your steps. Kathy (MGCC)

  4. Happy Birthday to you both! Now you will always have a sweet remembrance on your big day!
    I'm enjoying the Olympics via the t.v. I'm still jealous that you are so close! Have fun!

  5. What a treasure to share a birthday with a daughter who gives you so much joy. I am so glad you had such a great day to celebrate and I wish your daughter much success in her new position.

  6. I think your daughter sounds a lot like you... and how special to celebrate a birthday on the same day. Happy Birthday to you both and all the best for the coming year!

  7. How neat to share a birthday with your daughter. (and my sister, who also shares your day)
    Hope it was fun and that you have a wonderful year ahead.

  8. Happy Birthdays to you both~
    And congratulations on the Canadian Gold!

  9. Great the pictures! I'm sure you have both had a wonderful celebration in many excuses to celebrate!

    May you both have the best of everything in the year ahead!

  10. Wonderful post Marg! Congratulations of the first Canadian Gold medal of the Olympics so far ..hope there will be more!

    Happy birthday to both beautiful mother and daughter!

    ♥ Pat

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to you both! What an exciting time for you - Olympics, birthdays , new is good. Celebrate !

    How proud and wonderful is the celebrating of two FABULOUS women!
    The world is brighter with the light of your lives!

    And how thrilling it was to cheer for Alexandre Bilodeau! How exciting was that mogul run!
    I am shooting for a Gold Medal in Popcorn consumption! (popping every night as part of our Olympics ritual :D


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