Monday, February 1, 2010

Going for the Gold!

We're doing our last minute warm ups before the 2010 Olympics start...
How many more days?
Just check my counter....
Now you know where we are this week.
Just remember, you don't have to have two good legs...
Oh by the way this young man is celebrating another Birthday!!
We'll be back shortly and help you celebrate the final countdown!!!!
Going for the Gold has a different meaning for each individual.
For some it's an Olympic victory or medal,
for others, it's living life with ideals, that are measurable and attainable.

"The ideals which have always shone before me and filled
me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty and truth."
~ Albert Einstein


  1. The 2010 Olympic Committee hereby fines you for using the words "warm up" when referring to the upcoming event...and recomments that you consult your thesaurus for other words to use in the future. May we suggest the phrase "gear up" as a starting point? (wink...)

  2. And Happiest of Birthday to the Crazy Mad Skier in your household!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr. Downhill. Here's hoping for cooler days ahead!!

  4. May the day on the slopes be all that he wished for, and more!

    Happy birthday, John...we wish you many blessings in the journey ahead. Elmer & Judy

  5. I love the picture. . .only this morning Terry was asking about the poles that make this happen.
    You go .. .I'd say you already found your gold. Happy Birthday John!

    I only hope we don't need arks during the Olympics. My word verification is . . .get ready for this. . .reddeark. . no kidding.

  6. Oh I love your post today! I'm preparing for "Olympic Day" at school and am thinking of all kinds of themes... your writing here opens up all kinds of Olympic themes!
    I love Einstein's quote~ perfect!

    Marg, don't you just love David Nevue?! (hearing him now in your playlist) I heard him interviewed on a blog radio station. That night he had a sale and I bought 3 CD's ;o)
    I always enjoy your playlist, Marg ... and sometimes just let it keep playing through ♫

    Have a great week~ Maria

  7. How fun it will be! I hope you finally got the snow you need. We got some and then it all melted!

  8. Happy Birthday, John!
    I so admire people who do more with a handicap than people with all their limbs.

    What should you do? Of course, cancel appointments and ski!!

    Enjoy your 'winter' fun .. and stay safe !!


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