Friday, February 5, 2010

FAVE Five ~ OLYMPIC Spirit Spurs On!

I came home from a wonderful ski vacation,
only to find out that my computer was gone....

Do you know the feeling?
One's mind is racing full of things that you want to post....

But then I started to think of my Fave Five
and decided to quit complaining....
Thanks Susanne once again for this opportunity.

#1 Learning to work with a Netbook!!!
Argh!!! it's so hard to change systems.
But I know it's good to learn new things, as
Dr. Art Hister would agree.

#2 Folding and Washing my Olympic Apparel,
made me realize how much fun it is,
to be part of the Olympics Spirit!
Some people choose to avoid it...
but this only comes once in a life time.

#3. A Week of Snow

This one old lady fell down and could not get up!!
We continue to plead for a snowfall..
there is an abundance at Big White.
I wonder if VANOC might consider changing venues???

#3 Change in Scenery!

On our arrival home, we realized, it's spring time in the valley.
Look at those green grasses....
It's been record breaking temperatures,
but great for walking, I'm sure you would agree.

#4 Short Roadtrip to Ship Happens
(US postal/parcel site)

Today I took a quick trip across the line.
I've been waiting eagerly for this small package
This packet came from Argentina.
Guess what I was waiting for??

#5 The Latest Olympic Trend

I've wrapped myself in the Olympic flag.
Tomorrow we will fly this flag high, in honor of the
up-coming Olympics, starting February 12th.
This Sunday, Feb. 7th we are celebrating the Torch Ceremony.

Are you all gearing up for our final countdown?



  1. LOL! Love the flag picture....and the spirit that you bring to the upcoming events....yeah!

  2. What a great trend...flag, model & all! I think you are flying high as well...not just the flag. When is the flag raising ceremony? Does it need to be documented...paparazzi style?

  3. Well your fever is really contagious Marg! You model that flag well.

  4. I am absolutely enjoying watching this unfold through your eyes. How awesome to live right there!

    We have always loved watching the Olympics and in fact, this year I did have plans on opening ceremony night with friends and I just begged off. Husband and I love watching the opening ceremonies - one of the only times the entire world comes together. I find it very uplifting.

  5. You always get me hyped up for the Olympics. Can't wait for them to start! Hoping for more snow for you.

  6. I have not been doing the olympic countdown, but I have been wondering when its going to start- you cleared that up for me!

    Love the flag, nice trend.

  7. It looks like you had a very busy week. The skiing looked so fun. Our valley is still looking drab and "brown". No green grass here!

  8. Loved your Fav Five! You are such a sport. I will be watch for the raising of the flag. I wonder if it will fly high enough for me to see it over the hill. Not likely, but I will honk each time I go by. I'm sure you'll be in town on Sunday...I'll look for you...will you be wearing the flag? are so cute! Kathy (MGCC)

  9. Loved the flag outfit!

    Wow, that is a beautiful green...and those beautiful mountains in the background...

  10. Oh Marg. . .I love the flag. I need to mend my Canadian flag today and get it up there . .no way am I have a torn flag for the Olympics.
    I "choose" to be patriotic for the Olympics. I can't do anything about the budget anyways I may as well party with the rest of the patriotic people.

  11. I"m looking forward to watching the Olympics on TV - figure skating and probably some hockey to keep my beloved company :)

    You look great in that flag - at first I thought it was a fancy Olympic poncho to keep the rain off :)

    Happy weekend!

  12. In honor of the Olympics being here in Canada again, I'm going to watch one of my favorite movies, "Cool Runnings". It's loosely based on a Jamaican bobsledding team that really stood out at the Calgary '88 Olympics. :v)

    It must be fun to be right in the midst of the "happenings"!

  13. Marg, I do hope your transition to the new computer goes well -- I'm sure you'll be up and running soon. Nice to see you in the flag!

  14. The Olympic mittens, the flag, the new Netbook (I think I'd love one of those on my wish list ---keep us posted on how you like it :)
    Marg, I'm gearing up to make an Olympic flag for my classroom! Mine will be a giant paper one! You are getting me PUMPED UP :o)
    Yahoo! ~Maria

  15. I just found you through Maria's lovely blog and I think it is soooo funny that you live in my area. So nice to meet last post was on the Olympics!!! We have now spent two Sat. walking around Downtown Vancouver...what a blast that has much spirit and energy..nothing could keep me away. I am off to read some more of your post...will be back again.

  16. Oh, unfortunately, I do know that sinking feeling when the computer spot is empty...

    Isn't FFF great? Makes us see the blessings.

    I'm in the Sunshine State and we're excited about the Olympics, too!

    Happy week!


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