Friday, February 19, 2010

Fave Five ~ Celebrations Galore

Another fantastic week has flown by....
and here were are 7 days into the Olympics.
There were many highlights this week.

We started off by celebrating the Opening Ceremonies.

I knew I'd be spending too much time in front of the TV,
meanwhile, I made sure I had some yarn.
Completed another scarf.

I did not want to miss one moment of my favorite events,
so I set up my Island with all my work projects...
My Netbook allowed me to follow up results and schedules,
Photos were sorted, labeled and put into albums...
Laundry actually got folded...
but in the distance, I could hear and view the latest events.
Congratulations to our Canadian athletes who received Gold.
And one huge congratulations to Evan Lysacek for his
Gold in Mens Figure Skating.
One fantastic skate to victory!

I've been waiting and waiting, watching and running
to the mailbox daily for my Olympic tickets....
And finally they arrived today!

Still feeling the after shocks of birthday celebrations.
It's been a great week celebrating with family and friends.

Now if you want to join this FAVE Five group,
catch up to our gracious Host, Susanne.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. The Olympics have been exciting and interesting. I like that you have accomplished projects while you watched! Great use of time and something to show for it when it is all over!

  2. sounds like you had a great week.....
    and by getting your tickets for your olympic event will be even more fun glad you had a good b-day week.

  3. Your Olympic rings are so great! I'm so glad you are enjoying the Olympics with your birthday taboot! The scarf looks lovely and those tulips are beautiful!!

  4. What a fantastic week you have had Marg. . .enjoy the rest. .I know you have looked forward to this so much.

  5. Your house looks so festive! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Enjoy the Olympic event.

  6. I love all the Olympics talk on FFF today. Such fun.
    What beautiful flowers. Hope you continue having an extended birthday celebration.

  7. I've been enjoying the Olympics right along with you, Marg!

    I love your "Olympic Island" work center!

    The red tulips are gorgeous!

  8. I can so identify with the 'working island' this week...though it seems there isn't much work being done! what fun...soaking in the Olympic day at a time.

  9. Its great to be that excited about something. I love the picture at the top of your blog. Looks like you are having a lot of fun

  10. Love you fave five!! You must have put muli-tasking on the map!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Olympic experiences!!

  11. Fun Filled Week for you, Marg! And you're so close to it all. I'm looking forward to the next report--and a photo of you with your tickets.

  12. I've been having the tv running in the background a lot of the day too. It's been fun watching and listening. Wow, talk about getting tickets at the midnight hour. What event do you get to go see?

  13. I love the lights on the house.
    AND I do love your enthusiasm!
    Have a blast at your events!

  14. What a great week you had! I like the idea of putting the computer where you can watch the results and get on with your projects - real multi-tasking!
    We're off this afternoon to see if you can find an olympic sweatshirt for our daughter who is working over in Vancouver - she'll have to wait hours at the Bay to get into the store, but there's a chance we can get one here and save her that lineup on her day off...........
    Which event will you see with your tickets?

  15. Thanks Marg was a very exciting well played game for both teams!

    I can not get much done while watching the Olympics. I figure it is just a few weeks every two years, so I can sit and enjoy it all :-)

    Congrats on your tickets!


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