Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big White Shares Olympic Spirit!

The Olympic Spirit is being felt everywhere.
Big White has just been awarded one of the
''Top Five Family Ski Resorts in the World''.
The feeling of the Olympic spirit is truly alive at Big White!!!

Last night I took some shots,
just to let you know we're up here and loving the snow.
I think the Olympics should of been at Big White.
I noticed on the news this morning that they are
hauling snow from Manning Park..
that's totally unbelievable!

It's snowing beyond belief....


So today, because it's a White-Out up here,
I have decided to stay inside and learn how to post from my Notebook.
The words Big White describe the visibility today.
Vision is extremely poor and it's claustrophobic for me.
I can't even see the trees.
We've had some fantastic days..
but if it's sunny and clear tomorrow,
do I dare cancel meetings at home and ski????
What would you do???

Meanwhile we've been watching some recent qualification rounds
for the Canadian mogul competitions held in Calgary.
Hopefully there will be some athletes,
gearing up for some Gold medals.

Do You Believe?

We need to keep BELIEVING!!!



  1. Thanks for the link to the snow party. It reminds me so much of growing up on the farm and riding behind my dad's tractor. We would even go on the roads around the country. It got even more fun when we got snow mobiles to get us back up the hill after sledding. Nothing is more fun! Your Olympic photos look so pretty. What a great opportunity for you!

  2. I say "forget the meetings" and stay in that divine place. The pictures are awesome and make anyone want to take time out to enjoy the good life. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my goodness! You've got snow! That's GREAT!!! I've been visiting Koralee at Bluebird Notes (she's from Vancouver) ~she's been wishing for snow for the Olympics.

    I'm so grateful for the great links you have here for more Olympic Fun! I hope I can access them at school (so much is restricted on the internet)
    The kids will love 'meeting' all the mascots!
    Smiles ~ Maria

  4. Forget the meetings...and ski to your heart's delight! The only snow you will find at home is imported from elsewhere.

  5. Your pictures are making me a little envious. I am almost climbing walls because I'm craving some snow! Have a wonderful, restful trip.

  6. Well I believe in something :)

    I hope. .hope .. .hope that we are the most hospitable country ever. That one aspect we have complete control over.
    Yesterday as we walked about Vancouver. . .we smiled and chatted it up with anyone who gave us notice. It was very fun.

    Take the day off. . it's beautiful up there.

  7. Marg, you are so cute! I say you did you work on you new notebook... go skiing when you can.

  8. I believe, too!

    I can't wait to watch the Olympics.

    I'd forget the meetings and ski.

  9. Your pics are great! I love the darkness against the snow. I feel like I need to ski on over to see you. I feel like I miss you!!!! I will climb over the snow to get to you!


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