Monday, January 25, 2010

Shop Talk!

Packing, moving and cleaning all weekend.
From one garage to another garage...
From one shop to another shop.
Four truck loads!

At the end of our packing today...
We still had one more item to pack....
We found this in another shop!
Who would like to help me pack this up?
Shop talk never stops at this place.
Does anyone recognize this refurbished antique?


  1. i recognize that antique.....wink
    sounds like an eventful time, and fun at that.

  2. Shop talk...can mean any number of things! To guys it always seems to involve trucks. For me it talk, sharing computer tips and tricks...and the recipe for that yummy dish. What fun!

    Moving? So good once the job is all done!

  3. I think I've seen that one before!

  4. Looks like a big job, Marg! I like the color of that last truck!

  5. Marg .. you've been a busy girl this weekend. .. .and you are still spunky and funny. . .I love it.

  6. No matter what the reason, I HATE moving. It is a lot of work. I don't know the make of the truck, but it looks familiar. I like the finih on it!

  7. I have always wondered how to type words and put a slash through them.....NO clue. But I love the blue truck too!


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