Monday, January 11, 2010

Olympic Countdown Starts!

Well it's exactly one month to go!
We've all been waiting for years for this event to come..

My programs in hand....

The right apparel is in place...

I even found some Olympic Mittens!
I'd give you tickets if you could rotate this photo for me....

I've had a real hiccup tonight.
I have persevered for hours hoping to rotate this photo,
cropping it for my header for the next month.
I think I took 10 photos of those hard to find mittens...
in all different angles and poses,
and each time I inserted them, trust me, they turned vertical.
Has anyone ever had that happen?
What's the trick...?
Finally I just downloaded the six rings,
being slightly agitated and frustrated.

Here it is!!!
Thanks Lovella!!
(Lovella came to my rescue early this morning and sent me this jpg.)
I learned something new!!!!
It looks like you get some tickets???
OMG...I'll see what I can do...
or maybe just some mittens?
I'm sure that by now you've realized, that this will not
be the only hiccup in the Olympics.
There will be more to come.

My tickets are in hand....
Now the countdown continues.

Over the next few weeks, I'll keep you posted,
as to why I'm such an Olympic enthusiast.


  1. i can't wait for the olympics to start! my friend jaromir jagr is coming from russia to skate for the czechs. i can't wait to see him again!

  2. I'm excited for the Olympics to begin to . ..but not nearly as excited as you. I sense that before you are done though .. you have every one of us a bit more enthusiastic that when your cheering began.
    I'm still stumped on your problem on the picture.. I saved it in my computer now to see if I can see a problem. It is such a cute picture. . (I won't put it in my header but the idea of you seeing there did make me smile a bit)

  3. What fun! I love those red mittens. I'm so sorry I can't help you with the rotating problem. I hope someone can help....

  4. Olympics...right in our back yard. What fun that will be!

    Where did you find those 'hard-to-find' mittens. I have given away all the ones I bought...and now they aren't that easy to come by.

  5. PS . ..if the Olympic Copyright people police come after you for using special rings. . .T and I want to know if we can have your tickets for your events.

  6. And I thought *I* was excited about the Olympics - LOL! It would so much more fun having them in your backyard AND having tickets. I'll look forward to your updates.

    I've been busy getting all my knitting projects lined up because I know that I'll be spending a lot of time in front of the tv. :)

  7. I'm very excited for you, Marg! I am looking forward to experiencing the Olympics through your eyes and blog.

    Blogger has been uncooperative with my photos lately. Maybe it's all a blogger thing.

  8. I love the Olympics I can't wait for them to start :)

  9. I see I'm too late to help. Your new header will look great! I can hardly believe either that the time is practically here.

  10. Thanks Lovella for your help...
    But it sure is stubborn with my headers...still goes vertical..
    Weird eh? It's just another hiccup!!!

  11. Looking forward to the local olympics~! We're going to see the torch nearby so that will be fun!!!

    Hope the opening and closing ceronmonies are good.

  12. You know...I still am not quite over Jean Claude Killy from a Winter Olympics long ago. And Peggy Fleming...I was the librarian at her son's school while she was fighting breast cancer. Wonder what new personalities this Olympic meeting will introduce to the world? And how will Canada open the event?

  13. We enjoyed the Olympics so much when they were here. We didn't even go to any events, but just mingled with millions of people and took in all the atmosphere, walked around, bought Olympic pins, etc. The whole city was electric. It was so fun!
    I'm so glad we both have matching French doors. Who would have guessed?

  14. So excited for you Marg! The winter Olympics are always my favorite! I enjoy watching so many of the sports and the figure skating! Love your mittens!

  15. Don't forget to mark feb. 7 on your calendar! It's the big Torch party in downtown Chilliwack. Won't want to miss all the hub-bub.


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