Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More than a Birthday!

She started out as sweet as a button.
Her father bought this gorgeous pink dress and brought it to the hospital.
This was her DAY!!, Jan 27th, 1980.
And this may get long...but as a Mom and a blogger,
it's my privilege to enjoy and share the memories of life.
I've been through so many albums this past January,
and I just keep smiling as I go.

At 10 years old, she thought she was Queen of my kitchen.
Is that you lying on my island?

At 10, she believed her dog was also Queen of the house.

At 10, she thought she was Queen of the ski hill.

Can you see her peering through the window?
She has received a long awaited birthday gift.
What an exciting day.

Riding down the road,
with corn fields and Mt. Cheam as her backdrop
She was experiencing life at it's best!

At 20, she loved to teach her younger cousin to ride Cheval.
No wonder she continued on with her education,
to become a passionate teacher working with inner city children.

Today she is celebrating yet another milestone.
She's the proud owner of her very first home
and Queen of her own Island....
It's been a week of mixed emotions, as I watch her continue to
make her decisions about her new life in her own home.
She's grown, she's gone...
I knew that would happen.
It's so permanent.
I know that happened long ago...
but it's one more step to leaving home.
She cleaned out her bedroom this week.
It's empty....
I guess she's left for good.
Really, I can't wait to have coffee in her new home!

The two sisters giggle and laugh as they know there Mom is
trying to get a picture to post on her blog...
No decent family shots in this home.

The sisters take a tour of the new home.
I wonder what they are looking at?

There's laughter over this antique rocker.
This was my rocker which I used for rocking my little ones.
And yes, it has stories and memories.
Years back, she asked about having this keepsake.
So here they pose, pretending....
Where has the time gone?
As I said, no decent shots around this place.
Lots of love and laughter.

But today, I'm introducing just a hint of pink into her life again.
As I helped her unpack over the past few days,
honestly I can say...PINK has been eliminated from her life.

Add a pink card and away we go...

God bless you Suzannne in this special year
and in your new home as you share it with family and friends.
You've looked forward to this day.
We've all looked forward to this day!



  1. Wow, that moved me. I just lost my mother January 25th. She 82, me 52. We had some really great times together this last year as she prepared herself to meet the Lord. I am touched by the relationship you have with your very own daughter(s).
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Oh how lovely! Happy Birthday to Suzanne! How fabulous that she has her own home! Well done!

  3. Happy Birthday, Suzanne...and wishing you many good times in your new home.

    How fun to see the pictures from new beginning...through childhood...and on to today. Her daddy did a fine job of picking out a most special dress. Precious memories!

  4. A very happy b-day to you Suzanne.
    A new year, a new home, you have a very exciting future ahead of you, especially with Marg as your mother, how can it be anything

  5. Congrats and birthday wishes! Emotional times for all ~ enjoy the adventures which lie ahead!

  6. What a beautiful tribute and walk down memory lane... the kind only a mom can do. You blurred my eyes with the sentimental feelings you described and the emotions attached... my daughter is turning 30 this year as well. Happy Birthday Suzanne. May God bless you in your new home.

  7. Isn't it odd to be the mother of a thirty year old daughter? I'm glad that the mother role has morphed into more of a friend role. Your girl is lovely, and her kitchen is gorgeous! 1980 was a very good year for children be born!

  8. Congratulations to your beautiful Suzanne on her birthday and her new home.
    I laughed at the two girls making your blogging pictures a challenge. .some things are the same in every family.
    Her home is just gorgeous . .oh such a great island.

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet Suzanne. She is a beauty, and you have every reason to adore her.

    One day she will be drawn to pink in some way once again. I think it happens to all of us.

  10. HI <arg!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter Suzanne!

    Your wrote a very lovely tribute to her. I know how hard it is when a daughter goes off on her own...mine did that a few years ago...but I also know how proud we are of them and excited that they are living out their dreams.

  11. That was a nice tribute to your daughter. I am happy for her to have a new place of her own. Teachers need a good place to unwind!

  12. I am speaking one sound...

    Marg... My oldest was born in '83. How time has gone by...yet with all the memories you have, I know the years have been rich ♥

    How wonderful your daughter must feel, it is truly a testimony of her own will to grow and move forward and also of her beautiful past ~ as she honors it.

    What a beautiful kitchen she has ~ new memories for the two of you are just beginning!
    Enjoy !

  13. Happy Birthday Suzanne & I hope that you have the most wonderful day. The pictures bring back many memories of good times and I could probably add some pictures to the collection of happy times growing up...

    Congratulations on your new home purchase! I love the look of your home, and it does seem to have that "home sense" already by the look of the pictures. Wishing you much happiness as you settle in.

  14. What a wonderful way to celebrate Suzanne's birthday with snapshots throughout her life.

  15. It's all sweet and a little sad at the same time - I know the feelings as I watched my youngest boy head out on his own this year.

    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter on her bday and her new home.

    (oh I'm envious - a horse for a b-day present - that was my dearest childhood wish :)

  16. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter Suzanne! Her daddy knew that pink would look so sweet on his little sweetheart. Today she's all grown up...a woman moving forward in life....and I'm sure you are both so proud of her. Looks like her and her sister have a hoot together. Enjoy many coffee times around 'her majesties' island! Kathy (MGCC)

  17. Thanks for all your b-day wishes! I do have two pink shirts... just haven't worn them in forever...

    love you mom!

  18. How exciting for Suzanne! I'm sure you'll be over there sipping tea soon!

    Yes...where do the years go? The years seem to spin faster once they hit 16 or 17. (18 to 22) was a blur.


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