Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Dark Night!

Today I wanted to share a post with you, called,
"Before and After"
but due to circumstances it will wait...
It's too dark!

Tonight, the power went off at dusk...
I quickly scooted around looking for the flashlights.
Meanwhile I was lighting a few candles thinking,
Ah...this isn't so bad...
I was about to make a fresh creamed soup,
but that idea was canceled.
Anybody for cheese and crackers with candlelight?

After two hours of this darkness,
my mind escaped back to Haiti.
I still had a warm home,
running water,
and warmth.

I was trying to imagine all the mothers
trying to lay down their little ones out in a large field,
in the pitch dark...
the anxiety, the despair, the hopelessness,
not for only two hours,
but for a whole week,
feeling so hopeless.

Turn off your lights tonight....all of them.
Feel the darkness.
Reach out to Haiti.

It's a dark night!
Ask yourself, "What is my role?"


  1. I experienced that darkness for a few brief minutes last night...and discovered that 'life as usual' comes to a quick halt. When the power returns...we resume our schedule.

    Not so in has been changed forever.

  2. I've been quite conscious of my little complaints about inconveniences that come my way this past week. REALLY you have to take the elevator because the escalator is down for're complaining. Stop that and thank God for every little blessing you receive every single day!!
    Thanks for the visual Marg...

  3. Yes, our power was also off for about 2 minutes - it must have been the crew working on the longer outage. It came as a surprise, - no storm was happening. Even when our power goes out, we can still be thankful - we have flashlights, candles, generators...and a home to live in! Dairymary

  4. It's heart breaking - I don't imagine that we can ever grasp the extent of the damage.

  5. What a tangible way to quiet ourselves and think about the people in Haiti. ..thank you Marg.

  6. Haiti has made me count my blessing even more each day. I can not imagine what will happen to those people now ..such turmoil and lack of resources. Keeping them in my prayers.

  7. Our power did not go out. But this post makes me remember what is truly important in life. And to not sweat the little things. Things could be much worse. At least we have crackers and cheese to eat!

  8. We are a very lucky bunch of people and often a bit ungrateful. I once complained about eating hamburger a lot (my dad, a farmer, had given us some beef and money was too tight to buy other varieties) and a man visiting from Africa said something about how lucky we were to have it. I felt quite ashamed at my lack of gratitude.
    Turning out the lights is a great idea!

  9. Yes our power was out for at least 2 hours as well. It reminds me how dependant I am on electricity and modern conveniences. Like you, I've been thinking twice when I hear a petty complaint from my mouth. May God forgive me and focus my heart on the only dependable source of power.

  10. Last winter, our area experienced ice storms. We were without power only one full day and parts of two other days, but some went over a week without electricity. It's times like that when you realize how spoiled we are. I also was very thankful that God has blessed me so and let me live in this part of the world.


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