Friday, January 15, 2010

FAVE Five!

The time slipped by quickly this week, and when I paused to reflect...I'm thinking...What did I actually do this week? It did not take long and I realized, I've had a week at home working on projects and where?
"All around the kitchen table."
This week I'm sharing the Highlights of My Kitchen Table.
Thank-you Susanne for hosting...Stop by!

Playing Lego ~ What better place.

Playing Cards and Games ~ Up and Down the River!

Filing Statements and Receipts ~ Year end drudgery.

Making Photo Albums ~ I love reviewing these shots!

Serving Food to our Blogging Friends
First of all this is Judy's table...but it tells a tale.
A group of us watched Julia and Julia this past week. This may be strange, but I observed something that was rather unusual. The table was placed in the middle of the kitchen. The table was not set eloquently as seen in so many homes. The table was used as counter space for cooking and preparing food. I noticed that the kitchen was very tiny. Very little counter space at all. And yet, she made some amazing dishes in that little space.
This reminded me of my mom's table. I remember when I was a small child, my mother always used the kitchen table. She was short and the table was just the right height. She rolled out her noodles, as she had them draping all over the place, chopped up her vegetables for her big pots of Borscht. The table was always used as another working space, and 50 years later, I'm doing the same thing.
Oh, if you want to know what's for supper tonight on My Table, dash over to MGCC Blog.

Last but not least, a Den for the dog?
He loves to sleep under the table.
Now I'm sure you know the source.


Have a wonderful week, my friends, and don't forget our friends in Haiti!


  1. I love weeks spent around a table :0)
    Yours looks like it was filled with people. I have my tax appointment on Feb. 13th so I have some mundane organizing to do!! UGH...
    Have a great weekend Marg and I'll head to MGCC to see your dinner :0)

  2. Such a sweet popst.
    Sometimes there's a laptop on the table, sometimes a game of Trivial pursuit - then it's cleared away for a meal. Like you, I remember my mum baking, chopping, rolling dough on the kitchen table - an enamel topped one thst has passed through each of her children's houses and is now back with my mum.

  3. We use our table much the same way! It is a nice place to gather. Think of all the memories that are made there, as well as the projects! Have a great weekend!
    Don't you wish we could hop in our cars and go help the people in Haiti!

  4. One more thing, sometime tell us how you (the ladies of MGCC) all got together. That would be fun to know.

  5. Oh the tales our tables could tell!

    You've had a great week, Marg. Do you know that you inspired my return to the photo organization project? Thanks!

  6. Just wanted to tell you I noticed your Olympic mittens photo on the header. It looks great!

  7. What...Friday already? Where did the week go? Gotta love that kitchen table...the best place to gather.

    I see Ellen's doing taxes on February 13th...hope you're not! (Smile)

  8. Love your five! I would love to sit around your table! have a great day!

  9. Very clever FFF my friend. The games look very fun. Have a wonderful Friday :)

  10. Ellen .. your table looks like so much fun. I wonder how long it will be before I hear the scrabble of lego being searched through again.
    Julia's table was inspring wasn't it? I think that the idea of only being able to entertain if you have all the right surroundings is a big misnomer.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading about it (and will go back for more when I have time). I am so impressed with the good attitudes and goodness of all of you (and the recipes, too!). It is good to know the world has so many nice people in it!

  12. Looks like your table got a lot of good use this week.

    I noticed the same thing about the movie, but assumed it was because they were living in a tiny apt in NYC. But its true, a small space should not keep us from preparing delicious, nutritios meals.

  13. I mean Marg of course. . .oh vey. .you take advice from me? I can't even get your name right on your own blog.
    But. .it's al(r)ight .. .right? My word verification was alight.

  14. I’ve never heard of Up and Down the River, but it looks like fun. As does working on photo albums, something I’m WAY behind on. I almost rented J&J tonight—got Star Trek instead since Hubby was also watching. But maybe tomorrow night I’ll have a girls’ movie night. You had a very interesting week!

  15. A fabulous idea for your five faves, Marg! Games around the table sound terrific.

  16. Looks like you've been having fun there - except taxes of course. My kitchen table has a puzzle on it - and I can't move it until I finish. So we've been eating on the dr table or in front of the fire.

  17. what a great post. And a great Fave Five too.
    p.s. I know what you mean about eating right. I can motivate myself to workout but can't seem to get my eating right yet.

  18. I think the kitchen table is the best place ever -- a happenin' spot in our family!

    This sounds and looks like a wonderful week, filled with people you love. How great.

    (I loved Julie and Julia!)


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