Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fave Five

Here we go again!
It's the start of a New Year,
and we're 13 days past Christmas already,
but once's fun to play along with Susanne
and highlight our Five Favorites over the past week.

Spending New Year's Day at the Orpheum
We drove into the city for an afternoon matinee listening to a
New Year's Concert, called "Salute to Vienna",
realizing the dream of bringing joy and beauty
to North America from Vienna.
After visiting Vienna over the past year,
the music resonates in more than one way with me.
I have come to appreciate this annual event.
It has become one of North America's favorite New Year's tradition's.

A Vintage piece of Artwork from Levi!!
This Christmas I received a gift,
one of a kind....
It will have lasting memories of a trip spent in Hawaii.
He took an old set of puzzles,
turned them backwards,
painted them, the true colors
of his imagination.
Green grass, palm trees, sand, and sky!!!
Thanking us for taking him to Hawaii...
Guess which picture will have priority over my Fireplace mantle??

Time to Knit!!
Christmas is over and if you're like me...
you probably spent most of your time gift wrapping,
cleaning, baking, cooking and entertaining.
But now, they have all left,
and I'm enjoying some quiet evenings knitting...
Is there anything nicer than to feel the fireplace glow..
a few soft candles, and a sports game..Canucks or Pheonix Suns??
But at least I can knit!!!

Making Popcorn!!
Do any of your recognize this large pan?
I had it full of popcorn, I mean heaping.
My mother used to knead her buns in this pan,
and I was in line to inherit this after her passing.
I must admit, I have never kneaded buns,
but when you have a's great for popcorn.
The girls from the MGCC blog met together to watch Julia/Julia
and guess what they almost finished the whole pan....
What a wonderful way to commence our New Year!!!
Watch out for the French Cooking Recipes soon to appear!

If you know how to will be fascinated by Shutterfly.
Shutterfly is an online photo shop,
that helps you organize your photos and print them in books,
that look professional or causal...whatever your taste.
They make wonderful gifts or set them on your coffee table.
It's an amazing tool and this week I spent time with my SIL
tutoring her how to use this wonderful tool.
I love Shutterfly...

I hope you are all adjusting from Christmas to routine once again.
Hope to see you all back next week.


  1. What a treasure from little Levi! Love it.
    Looks like you had a good week with a great variety of events!! Enjoy....

  2. That may be as close as I'll ever get to an Austrian theatre...I think we'll need to check out that event one of these years.

    That's the best kind of art! What a neat idea.

    Have you finished off the last few kernels of popcorn? Thanks for bringing the tub to the party. It hit the spot.

    I may just have to come check out you new art...your knitting project...and your latest works from Shutterfly. Have a great weekend.

  3. That New Year's Day concert sounds lovely. And what a sweet picture from Levi!

    I don't knit, but I need to get back to my cross stitch in the evenings.

    What a treasure to have your mom's kneading pan/bowl! I think a large batch of popcorn is an excellent use for it.

    I need to check out Shutterfly.

  4. Interesting variety we have in our lives, isn't it? That's what I usually see in your fav fives. A time to give thanks.

  5. What a special gift from Levi! Loved your knitting photo! You go, girl!

    Have a happy weekend!

    I know I should look in to shutterfly. I've seen your productions and they're great!

  6. Love the lovely new header!

    That concert looks like an amazing venue. So beautiful. And what a nice tradition.

    What a sweet thing for Levi to do! He's such a cutie.

    Fireplace, lit candles....and sports? LOL. I never put those three together in my head but I could do that. I love to watch sports though hubby avoids it like the plague so I usually end up watching it be myself. Maybe if I added candles and the fireplace I could change that. LOL.

  7. Knitting and popcorn, both wonderful post-holiday activities. I love the color of that yarn as well.

  8. That looks like a wonderful concert! Come on over and see how my week was.

  9. What a wonderful way to make popcorn. I hope jiffy pop is jealous :) That concert must have been wonderful. The theater looks awesome. I wont be doing FFF any longer. Just a personal decision is all :)

  10. What a precious gift from your little one! For sure, it should take front and center stage in your home.

    The Vienna music night sounds like a wonderful way to bring in the new year!

    I am working on a photo book from Shutterfly right now....I got an email from them offering a 20 page 8X8 hard cover book for FREE! If only my internet was actually high speed so it would go a little faster.

    I like your big popcorn/bread kneading bowl!

  11. I bet the music is divine at the Orpheum. I really can't even imagine. And you're making me hungry for popcorn, but I guess it's time to go to bed instead. Maybe tomorrow night. And maybe I'll even rent Julia/Julia. You've inspired me. :-)


  12. It looks like you have had a great week. What a nice mixture of family, friends, culture, and food!

    Yay! I made it to Friday!!!!

  13. I LOVE the gift from Levi - that is a true treasure! And very creative. I bought my husband a crank popcorn popper for Christmas - and it is now our favorite snack - healthy too! Love to eat it while watching my Celtics play. I always use Snapfish - wonder if it is the same as Shutterfly? Happy Knitting!

  14. What a creative idea Levi had! I'm sure you'll treasure it always.

    I wasn't able to participate this week in FFF, but I wanted to drop by and see how things are at "Home Again." Looks like a great week!

    God bless!

  15. I love the artwork. .such a sweet gift and it really does look artsy. What a treasure.
    I was hungry for popcorn the next day .. I'd had even gone for some kernels.
    Those shutterfly books are the best. Judy and you get full credit for teaching me how to organize our zillions of pictures.

  16. Sounds like you are starting the New Year quite nicely! Your quiet knitting evenings must be so cozy with the cold weather outside.

  17. Hi Marg,
    Thank you for the comments.
    but you can't sneak into another drawing-you were in the first one! Ha ha. Also, why are you up so late at night?
    I guess we are both hooked on this hobby!


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