Friday, January 22, 2010

FAVE Five ~ It's too Warm!

It's getting closer and closer to the Olympics!
We need snow....desperately.
But meanwhile we enjoyed some wonderful days outside this week.
Here's some of my highlights.
Thanks again Susanne for hosting this FAVE Five!

Spontaneous Invite!
My side kick, Steff and her hubby called up and asked about skiing.
It took no hesitation for me to reschedule a few things.
I don't know why she didn't tell me my goggles were lopsided.
We called it Spring Skiing!
Come and live in BC!
The climate is mild.
But, please, we need snow for the Olympics!

A visit from my grandson.
The mild weather brought out the toys from the shop.
Up on the tramp, out with the bikes.
Oh, you may want to check out this little bike.
It's called a's for the wee little ones.
There's no pedals, and they scoot along with their feet.
They never need training wheels again.
It's so light to pick up and nothing to tangle.

Then my Son dropped in.
I love it when he drops in.
He sat down in a comfortable chair and told us
tales of his wonderful little boys.
We laughed and laughed!

Walking with my DIL
She gives it all or nothing.
This is her pace..
But this week we walked.
First she has to check her Garmin GPS clock.

Everything is timed right down to the second.
First: mile 13 min.45 seconds
Coffee break at Starbucks!
Second mile: 13 min 55 seconds.
Perfect weather to get in shape.

Cooking is Fun!
We have to cook the rest of our lives,
so let's get over it and enjoy it.
Do you need something easy for supper tonight?
It's not quite warm enough to grow the garden greens.
You know where to go...MGCC

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Nice to see you, Marg -- crooked goggles and all :-) Your fives sound like they were written with a big grin on your face.

  2. Awesome fave five Marg. .it really looks like your snow day was so fun .. and I'm glad you found snow. It really is getting concerning about the warm weather. .nice for us. .but oh the mountains need snow.
    Our lil farm hand got a strider bike for Christmas from his Omi ..aren't they the greatest?

    Good post to make me smile in the morning . . thanks Marg.

  3. There's always a good report over here on Fridays...something to smile about. Glad you had a fun snow day...spring skiing weather and all!

    I'm keeping that 'strider' in mind. Great idea.

    And I'm joining you in wishing for least on the North Shore Februaray 12th!

  4. I love the crooked goggles. You might start a new fad! That strider bike looks great. That is a great attitude about food. I love me my food! I'm sending snowy thoughts to Whistler and Vancouver....

  5. We've got avalanche warning here. Wish SLC could help you all out with a nice dump of snow...

  6. I loved our walk. It was great to call you up on the whim and go with it. Having two boys has taught me that I cannot plan everything to a tee...sometimes you gotta let things be.

  7. I love your five Marg! Visits from your big boy and your little one. And what a great bike - I'll keep that in mind for future grandchildren.

    Your goggles have kind of a jaunty look :)

    I went walking today but I don't think I could pace with your DIL.

    Mmm - the meal looks yummy. I'm on my way to MGCC.

    Happy weekend!

    PS - here's hoping for snow!

  8. I have never heard of a Strider bike but am going to Google it after typing this comment. Looks like something my granddaughter my need!

    And I love the MGCC blog - real food for real people. I've started cooking a lot in the last year or so and am really enjoying it. Rather makes me wonder why I never really gave it a go before, but so be it.

  9. Looks like you have had a nice week! It is always fun to spend it with people you love, doing things you enjoy. Good luck on getting the snow!

  10. What a precious little grandson you have. Glad you enjoyed the visit with your son and the walk with your d-i-l. Good family times!

  11. Can I come over for dinner?
    How nice to have a visit from your son. I liked the sideways picture.

    The stryder looks fun.

    Spur of the moment skiing sounds great. I used to go with my father.

  12. I thought goggles were supposed to be crooked on your forehead. So nice to see you!

    I love visits from sons and daughters, too. How fortunate you are that they live nearby.

    Praying for snow! You can have our rain and turn it in to snow...

  13. Few things are as wonderful as those moments we have with our children!

    I have not looked at MGCC for a while, I should take a look again.

  14. I LOVE your format for fff, with the photos. Fun choices, too!

  15. Gotta love the crooked goggles. We're getting tons of snow here again today, Saturday. Hopefully you're getting it too.

    The flame came through my city last week. I'll have to send you a link to the cool way it arrived.

    Cool bike for tikes that size!

  16. Thanks for coming over. I went to MGCC and I'm going to try that Chicken and Rice, that's for sure.

    Tell the mom of your son's little boys to come on over to!

    Family is perfect for FFF, isn't it? Have a great week!

  17. I have had a bout of the flu but reading your Fave 5 were just what the doctor ordered. I love your positive outlook and energy! How exciting that the Olympics are almost here! Can't wait to watch them through your eyes! And sending wishes for lots of snow to come your way!

  18. You have a lovely family Marg!

    I will have to remember the Strider bike for my gramdson..he only began walking recently so I think I can wait another year or two! :-)


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