Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clutter & More Stuff!

To all of you reading today...
I've taken a quick minute to interrupt my blog for today
and bring our awareness to HAITI!
I looked at my title this morning thinking,
Clutter and Stuff?
That's exactly what we are witnessing alive in Haiti!
Truly where does one begin in the midst of all this stuff?
Join me as we send hearts of prayers for those who
have lost family and loved ones.
Join me as we pray for our national leaders to make the right decisions.
Join me as we pray for Haiti today.
The rest of my clutter on my blog is meaningless,
when one looks to Haiti!

You've got it all.
I have boxes and boxes of photos sitting here..
I finally have decided to dig through the stuff.
I think I found a system that will work for me.
...who knows how long?
You may have a totally different idea...

We now have 3 children who have all left home.
Their photos albums from their early lives are half done (20 years ago)
They are in boxes waiting...waiting...waiting....

Later in life I started scrap booking.
It took hours and hours and lots of space and time.
Where on earth am I going to find a spot where I can just leave it untouched?
So it's all on a pile....waiting..waiting...waiting....

Now comes the best part.
We have Digital Cameras!
My computer has digital photos from 2000! Almost 10 years.
How on earth do I keep three systems going?

So this year, a new thought came to me....
  1. I love making albums on line like using Shutter fly. So why not enjoy that?
  2. Meanwhile, while I download photos, make a folder called Best of 2010!
  3. Put my favorite shots and events into that file.
  4. At the end of the year develop those photos, Best of 2010.
  5. Slip them into an album and you can share them easily.
I did that by accident this year!
I kept a folder called Best of 2009!
And therefore, I made a calendar
for every member of our family highlighting the events,
adding my own personal notes and quotes.
It is so much fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Then I took all those photos (125) and had them developed at London Drugs.
Today I picked them up and put them in a binder...
Voila!!! It's done..
Now I can have a quick overview of our past years,
without looking through tons of old unorganized photos...
that have no meaning later in life.

One thing I must add.. I purged many photos.
(I dread the thought of family sorting through my stuff.)
I only kept what I thought my family would find interesting.
Now that we have technology, they can find all my travels on line.
They LOVE to see things that are happening at Home,
current events that we have celebrated together as a Family.
I finally just finished sorting, and purging photos from 2003-2007.
I slipped them into a three ringed page which inserts into a binder.
It gives maximum versatility to change photos and pages at any time.
At least I have some new options to think about.

Mission Accomplished for Today!

Meanwhile I see how blessed I've been through the past years,
especially with the addition of the grandchildren.

For many years this has been overwhelming.

How do you organize your stuff?


  1. Such great ideas. I've got to get my act together!!

  2. That sounds like a fine way to spend a January day...or two or three...or more! Who knows when that will ever happen over here...but I hope it will.

  3. You know I really should do that with my parents photos. I have so many pictures of their travels which sadly seem very boring to me. Their photography means very little to me unless there are people in the pictures. I should go through all the albums and ptu the relevant pictures into one binder.
    I also should really do that with our own albums. ..I've gotten very bad and pulling out photos here and there and then slipping the pictures into zip loc bags instead of where I found them. ..
    Thank you for the idea.

  4. Oh Marg...I started "Best of..." web galleries a few years ago, and PROMISED myself I would get them developed in hard copy and make albums. Haven't done that next step yet...thanks for the nudge...there is just better than sitting with family and looking through an album together.

    My BGF has now scanned ALL her photos into digital format, tossed uninteresting hard copies, and keeps all the scans on flash drives. In an emergency she now knows she can take all her pictures with her. She also scanned scrapbook album pages for the same reason.

    Take digital pictures of every room and cupboard in your house and garage area and store those shot on a flash as well. Make photos of documents as well. In a disaster, you will have proof of what you have lost. Even if you have several flash drives, they can easily go with you even in the most trying of situations.

  5. The photos do get overwhelming .. and then the old slides to boot!! I have to set myself small goals ... I'm getting there one book at a time. Isn't it neat how you can organize photos on the computer, though? Especially when it puts the dates in for you?

  6. First, I will be sending prayers to the people of Haiti and all involved. I told my husband that maybe we should consider finding out how we can do more to help.

    What fabulous ideas for organizing photos ! I am going to try the Best of 2010 this year to see how that works. My photos are out of control! Thanks for inspiring me. Take care.

  7. Hi Marg!
    Thank you for posting about Haiti.
    I have a student from Haiti... She's been here for a little over a year. She is the sweetest young lady. I am so proud of her strides in English and now taking Spanish as her third language!
    I thought of her all last night, knowing that she has family and dear school friends there.
    She told me today that they do not have any information at all. How very heartbreaking~ It leaves me speechless, except to say that she and her family will be in my heart.
    * * *
    Your organizing tips are fabulous, Marg!
    A few tips I have:
    --Get a CD album and press Alt +print screen to make a copy of each CD's contents.
    --We got an external hard drive... that postpones the inevitable ;o)
    --For slides... Rather than paying the huge fees for processing, I set up our projector and took digital photos of each slide. That's a great way to preserve the shots digitally!
    ps. love your new Olympics title photo!!!

  8. I've been DREADING the photo album project for YEARS. Maybe I can use your system. I just have to find some hours to work on it.

  9. I recently did some OLD photo preservation (easy-quick) by visiting my 97 year old aunt who (I know) will pass her old photos to her immediate family who are out of reach to me. I didn't feel she would be comfortable parting with the photos while I copied them, so I took pictures of them right in her home, with my digital camera. It worked well!

    She has pictures of my great-grandmother, and also of my grandfather as a young boy.

    I have been working on a family history photo album with stories and information about our oldest family members. (building this little by little)

    I love all the ideas in your post, and the comments!

  10. Thank-you to all of you that contributed to today's post. I believe that we can all help each other as we scramble through our collages of photos and keep all those special scraps of paper with special notes and cards.
    Now, I decided not to tackle the whole project...maybe designate one day a week for the next few weeks, till the Olympics and then it's spring time. Then I can continue next January again.
    I need to learn to break down the big projects, so they are not so overwhelming.

  11. Thank you for the link to your early childhood pictures. Cute pictures! Our cars looked very similar, too. I don't really like the fact that I'm getting older, but I really LOVED my childhood. Times were sweet and much less hectic. Don't you agree?

  12. Hi Marg

    I am in the same situation as you are! When my son got married I finished his photos albums form birth to the wedding but I have yet to do that for my daughter who is not yet married.

    I like your "best of" idea! We take so many photos but just a few can tell the whole story just as well.

    The poor people of Haiti need our prayers and our donations.

  13. When you're done yours can you come do mine?
    You sound like you've got a good system down pat!

    And yes.. I agree... stuff and clutter.... we all have sooo much and we look at Haiti and see people with nothing.
    How do we pray? sometimes wordless with our hearts and emotions.

  14. Great to see your new banner up. BTW, tickets to the women's hockey game?! Have fun. So, organizing photos and such, not too good with that. Thankfully a girl at church is hiring herself out to do this for people who need a good system. Hoping to get this done in the next few weeks. Have a great week.


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