Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Another Season of Family Celebrations.
It's fun to see them all come together.
This year, we were all together, 35 of us, except for three cousins.
It was one amazing time!

My parents have past away, over 10 years ago.
It was always my biggest fear,
that we would not be able to keep our family in tact.
But throughout the years, we have worked hard,
and continued to initiate events around the celebrative seasons.

Mom & Dad,
You would be so proud to see your wonderful family.
We have continued to share life and make new memories.

Mom, no more turkey, we switched to appetizers.
Loren, is upset to this day, that there
was never enough gravy...but he survived.

We didn't play old fashioned games. We used technology.
Who could text the fastest?
Who had the most cell phones in one family?

We all shared about our lives over the past years,
realizing that some had serious health issues.
Sometimes we wished you parents were there still praying for us.
(we know you are...but we still miss your presence)

Even the wee little ones were allowed to play hockey in the house.
They even wrestled just like you would of allowed us.
You put up with so many things.
Many times you told us to go and play in the barn.

But then Orlando began to turn the music on quite loud...and
began mimicking to the beat...(they called it Christian music)
Some people were even moving....dancing????
I don't know what You and Dad would of thought of that.
I just remembered that you did not like the music
that Vic brought back from URBANA 40 years ago.
The record of Jonathon & Charles, (similar to Simon and Garfunkle)
Dad, you were not always pleased with our music,
but you always accepted us for our ideas as we grew up,
and so we're trying now to do the same thing
as we watch the next generation pull together.

Sometimes we just need to bite our tongues.

Talk about biting our tongues...
But, then came the worst....
The family began to laugh outrageously.
Your son, Dave got everyone going, even the young ones.
We know that you and Dad loved to joke.
But I wonder what they were laughing about?
It was about the Famous Schmidt Tradition.

Who can touch their nose with their tongue?

And there you have it...
We have carried on...
I think you'd be smiling, thinking...."Was fur Dummheit gibts jetz?"
Translated...What kind of stupidity is this?

Mom, we even found your old cookie cutter, in Sheryl's Kitchen.
We decided to start a new tradition....baking together.

And we made a special plate of cookies, with that special stamp...
not exactly like the ones you used to make,
but we knew you wouldn't mind.

Last but not least,
You would of been so proud of us, that we chose not
to spend money on gifts for ourselves,
but rather brought gifts for the new baby to be born.
Emily and Andrew will be having their first child.
Vic is actually going to be a Grandpa.
You, would now have 4 great grandchildren.
Levi, Cameron, Silas.
Thank-you Mom & Dad for giving life to us.
You gave us a rich heritage and we want to
carry the torch to the next generation.

Thank-you Orlando and Viv for being such tremendous hosts.
The Christmas Spirit was truly present.

I think that today I will sign off on behalf of the
Schmidt House.


  1. What better tribute to your parents than to show that you are carrying on their traditions! Looks like a big family gathering similar to what we had.
    My parents both passed away, too,(about 22 years ago) and we still get together and have fun. Nothing is better than celebrating with the whole family!

  2. Marg..wow that was a great tribute to your parents..your parents must be smiling happily! Knowing their family is happy would be all they ever wanted!

  3. Oh what fun. I had to chuckle about your parents not being that pleased with the new music trends. My mother's comment after coming to one of our concerts in the 70's was "I don't think there will be drummers like that in heaven" :0) I just chuckled and said to her "Mom, I think we'll all be surprised at what we find in heaven..."

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your parents Marg. I always thought you had wonderful parents. Having seen them being such solid examples to the younger generation in church . ..it is easy to see that your family has good reason to stay connected.
    The pictures are wonderful ..thank you for the peek into the Schmidt gathering.

  5. It looks like a fun time at the Schmidt house, alright. I always enjoyed myself at the Schmidt house when I visited in years gone by...at the house, the barn or the basketball court...there was always something to laugh about. Your parents would be thrilled to see you celebrating together...silliness, techiness, loud music and all!

  6. What a lovely tribute to your parents and to the next two (three) generations.

  7. What a wonderful family you have, Marg!


    Your parents passed on all of these and so much more to make your family circle so strong and spirited.

    ~Many blessings all through the year~

  8. I've so enjoyed reading your Christmas posts, Marg. Your parents I'm sure, are smiling as they see how you have kept the family together with old tradtions and how you are building new ones. Thanks for sharing your Christmas.

  9. Oh Marg, what a lovely post! I must say, I am crying as I reading this. So many memories come up. We, too, are happily keeping the family connection from near and far. Have a happy New Year! Dairymary

  10. Thanks for sharing your family holiday with us! I think it's awesome that your family has worked to keep alive the traditions that your parents began. Good for you!


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