Friday, December 4, 2009


It's time to join Susanne, our host over at Living to tell the Story.
She has graciously invited us to share our highlights of the week.
It's been a full week, but eventful once again.

Celebrating Advent
I can sometimes be the type of person who goes full steam ahead....
and get's all caught up in the outside glitzy preparations for Christmas.
Celebrating Advent is a special part of our weekly events.
We invite family members and have a simple meal and light just one candle.
Advent is an invitation to inner preparation of the heart.
The first candle lit, represents Hope,
representing Jesus birth, the Light of the World!
I'm thankful that I had time to reflect upon the Hope that Jesus brings.

Making Special Phone Calls
This week I knew that I needed to make some calls.
You know the kind of call that comes from the heart?
The kind of call that means I'm getting over some resentments?
That's part of my journey in preparing for the Christmas Season.

Observing Sparkling Eyes
I love to see the anticipation of a child's eyes as they
dream about the special season ahead of us.

A Tour of Lovella's Home
This was such a highlight, touring my blogger friend's home.
She was asked to host her home for the annual Christmas Tour.
She used so many wonderful attractive natural greens.
Green cedar swags draped over her windows.
Red and white accents gave her bedroom just the right touch.
Her home was exquisitely decorated without any details missing.
She's been giving us a daily tour of each room on her blog.
You too can follow her tour, just jump over to her blog.

Searching for a Town House
Over the past few months we have searched and viewed many homes.
Finally , we started looking at some town houses.
We felt that may be a better option for my daughter.
But today as we walked in to view another townhouse....
we all agreed in a few minutes that maybe this one had a chance?
We will wait and find out.

I hope you all enjoy your week and we'll see you next week again.


  1. prepare...and it looks like you are doing that quite nicely!

  2. I love all of your things. Each and every single one...each one which makes this time of the year so special and unique.

    Good for you on the phone calls and YES for children's sparkling eyes.

  3. Sounds like this season of preparation has been good for you. Blessings as you continue. What fun to view things through a child's eyes. It's been so much fun to tour Lovella's house online. So...are you getting the townhouse or is your daughter? Looks really nice...

  4. I love celebrating Advent, too. How wonderful that you made those phone calls. Blessings to you for spreading the joy of Jesus in that way. It's a huge gift.

  5. You have such a good way to re-cap the week like this! Life . . . such diversity ... and you have reminded us of the Hope we have in the midst of it.

  6. Marg, your goodness shows through in all that you do. I know many people must benefit from the love in your heart.

  7. What a wonderful week you had. The picture of the boy dreaming is perfect. Can you imagine the thoughts? Perfect. What a great week you had. The phone calls were perfect :) Have a great week ahead :)

  8. Advent is such a special time of year in that it does slow us down and think about the season. And what a beautiful example of Christ's love for you to make those calls - it inspires the rest of us.

  9. Marg .. .I so respect your post. I love your honesty and your view of seeing things.
    It sounds like you have had a good week all around. I just loved that you and Judy made a special effort to arrive a few minutes early so that we could enjoy some special hugs together. It got my tour off to the most special start.

  10. This is a wonderful season and a time to make sure we are a peace with ourselves.

    I loved the picture of your grandson at the big arena. Nothing is better than sharing the enthusiasm of our kids!

  11. We also light the Advent candles at home - and at church. So often every other area of Christmas preparation takes precedence over heart preparation. Good for you.

    Love those sparkling eyes!

  12. We used to celebrate Advent when the kids were at home, I miss doing that know. Good for you on those phone calls. I'm sure you feel a certain relief now.

  13. Hi Marg!
    So glad I stopped by... It's always a treat for me.

    Since my children all left, I haven't used my advent wreath. You've inspired me to get it back out. I like what you wrote about preparation.
    Christ is with us... let me be prepared in my soul~

    ... I'm hopping over to Lovella's now to tour her house!
    Blessins Always * Maria

  14. I love Advent too! I printed off the daily list of Scriptures to read this month from the Advent section of the Prayer Book daily readings. It's a great way to focus on the most important things in Christmas.

    Have a great weekend! I'm so late getting around to read FFFs, as I was on jury duty yesterday.

  15. What a sweet picture of your grandson. (I'm assuming that's him?)

    I love that you mentioned advent and making phone calls. I'm sure most of us could make some calls from the hearts ourselves.

    Loved this whole post, Marg!

  16. Advent....preparing your heart for Christmas. What a lovely tradition! I haven't heard of anyone doing this anymore. I'll have to remember this for next year.

    Love the photo of the little guy! It is a perfect example of the looks of wonder children have at this time of year.

  17. Wonderful favorites Marg. Goo d luck

    Wonderful favorites this week Marg. It is alwasys good to forgive and prepare for Advent

    Wonderful house hunting


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