Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday FAVE Five

Welcome to my FAVE Five.
Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story
has inspired us to share our weekly highlights.
I always look forward to this day, as I recount
some of my favorite events,
sometimes small, sometimes big.

Picking Greenery
Is there anything nicer than smelling freshly cut pines and branches?
Last weekend, on a cold crisp sunny day, one could find me,
driving around the farm lands looking for greenery.
I've enjoyed putting together some new natural greens in my home.

Norwex Rags

OK, I fell for one of those parties.
Bloggers, if you have not been to a Norwex party,
you probably will be invited to one in the next year.
Our younger generation is teaching us how to clean
without using all those cleaning products.
It's only an EXPENSIVE rag and water.
Oh, by the way...they are all antibacterial.
Oh, I forgot to mention....
Lots of elbow grease!
Consequently, it has not changed my mind about house cleaning.

Sunrise, Sunset?

We have had many spectacular sunsets this past week.
As most of you know, it's been crispy, cold and sunny.
But this one morning, I escaped shortly, only to find...
a sunrise over Mt. Cheam captivating me.
Hubby was waiting for coffee...
but I had more important things to tend to.

Creating Christmas Decor
I attended a Christmas decorating event,
held by our local Minter Gardens.
It was wonderful to hear from Brian Minter, in person, as
he encouraged us to think like the Europeans.
"Use all kinds of natural greeneries. Forget the Blitz and Blink"
I can't wait to put up my tree.

Christmas Baking
There is nothing more special than to spend a day
in the kitchen with my one and only sister.
We baked up a bunch of old family favorites.
We scrounged around and found some interesting
cookie cutters that belonged to our Mother.
It's fun to relive some great memories
and go home with a bunch of fresh baking.
Except, the tins are almost empty.....
Come back on Monday for our favorite Pfeffernusse recipe.

See you next week.


  1. MMMmmmm! I can almost smell that lovely fresh greenery! And your skies are gorgeous, Marg.

  2. We caught the same sunrise that morning! We had enjoyed the most beautiful of artwork in our skies this past week.

    I'm popping by one of these days to check out your European Christmas look.

    Looks like a fun week...especially baking with a sister and leaving the mess in her kitchen.

  3. How sweet to enjoy a day of baking with your sister! I, too, love the smell of those Christmas greens. The event at Minter Gardens sounds fun. Glad you were able to capture and enjoy sunsets and sunrises! Have a wonderful weekend...

  4. Beautiful skies, Marg! I finally have a wreath in the house so maybe it'll start feeling and smelling a little like Christmas!

    If you need more goodies, I can share...come and get them :)

  5. What a fun way you have to recap your week! I was surprised to see your sister, although I know you are sisters, I don't put you together since you seem to belong to two different worlds of mine.
    I've been to one of those parties too . . . still waiting for my products, but I'm not sure is anything will really change.

  6. I love the way you've arranged your greenery!

    The sunrise picture is gorgeous ...

    You are so blessed to be able to cook with your sister! Mine lives 1000 miles away ...

  7. Your Christmas greenery is just wonderful. And that just the bomb. Great week and have a wonderful Friday :)

  8. Crud...sorry about that. I meant to say sunrise. Either way it's beautiful :) Sorry about that :)

  9. What a wonderful week. I love your big vase with greenery and what a perfect spot to display it.
    OH. . OH. . You have a sister. . you lucky duck. She's a lucky duck.
    What would I do without my dear friends that are my sisters?

  10. So when I get invited to a Norwex party, I can say I heard it here first. It's new to me, but sounds great.

    Love the sunset. Wow. The Christmas decor party is a neat idea. I could use more tips. I'm pretty bad at decorating.


  11. Your Norwex rags made me giggle! I'd not heard of them before, but based on your review I don't think I'm missing much. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi Marg!
    Look at you two sisters - baking...
    I need to plan this with my sis. We haven't done this in years!

    Your simple greenery is a fresh and refreshing site. Very natural, but still very elegant.

    Enjoy this glorious week ~ Maria

  13. Looks like a great week. How fun making cookies with your sister and bringing in the fresh smell of pine is always a joy. I hope you have another nice week!

  14. I love the greenery look. So, so beautiful!

    What a feast for the eyes those sunrise and sunsets are. The colors are amazing.

    I'm so coming back for that recipe. I love those cookies.

  15. I'll bet your house looks and smells wonderful!

    beautiful sunrise photo.

  16. I'm behind in my blog reading - I really enjoyed getting caught up on your Friday Fave. I love greenery around the house but I'm not quite sure how to put it up. I'll have to look it up online. Our neighbours have it strung all around their deck and it looks so lovely.

    I've never heard of a Norwex party. I've been to them all - I especially like my little cookie scoop from Pampered Chef - but it was expensive.

    Speaking of cookies, yours look yummy. Now I'm off to MGCC to check the recipe.


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