Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Stole my Ginger Snaps?

Well, as the old saying goes...

"When the cats away, the mice are out to play"
Before my vacation time,
I had worked in advance preparation for a cooking demonstration,
to be held later in November, upon my return.

When I returned home....
I had exactly two days to prepare and organize myself
for this event at my nieces furniture store.

I went to my fridge.

My cookie container was empty....
It was gone.

I hastily made an email to family members
inquiring about the Ginger Snaps.
I was somewhat anxious,
as I needed them for my demonstration,
and I was running short on time.

A phone call was returned.
Few words were exchanged.
There was a long pause.

The next morning at 7:00am,
there were two peculiar containers of cookies on my counter,
done to perfection...

During our conversation, I stated...

"Do you not remember the old rule? When in doubt, only take one or two."

The response was,

"I remember that rule, Mom, I did exactly that,
one or two cookies every day for 24 days..while you were gone."

That explains why 4 dozen cookies were missing.

Well, just to let You know...
I have posted your favorite recipe,
for Ginger Snaps!


  1. thanks for the giggle this morning.
    I think I will incorporate the one or two cookie rule in my freezer tax when Grandma drops cookies off for the kids .. and my freezer is the holding point.

  2. too funny. well, maybe not in that situation.......but glad all worked out and by the pics, you did a fab job!!!

  3. OH my - that story sounds familiar :)

  4. The cookie snitcher part - not the demonstration. Hope it went well!

  5. mmm, i remember your ginger snaps! i'll have to make some this year...i'm sure my kids will love them!

  6. I guess you can laugh about it now ... but at the moment it's a bit of a scare! So nice that it was someone who could do ment the situation.

  7. That's a good story, Marg...and definitely belongs in the family journals.

    I'm just comparing gingersnap recipes...and mine looks almost identical. I made up a double batch with my three helpers last week. We play with real dough over here...rather than play dough.

  8. LOL...that is just too funny. But what a fantastic ending :)

  9. LOL! I loved this story Marg! Hungry children are of all ages :-)

  10. I guess you could be happy that he only ate two a day. He could eaten more and then dipped into another batch.

  11. Sorry, I got a phone call and lost my train of thought. I think I meant to add "How funny"! I hope you were able to get ready in time!

  12. I have to smile at the fact that you have two cookie stories going...Isn't it funny how we recognize our own cookies?

  13. Oh and they look sooooo yummy too!
    I just used ginger snaps tonight in my "graham cracker" crust. It's for a no-bake pumpkin pie...and thought the snaps would be better than the grahams~
    love that ginger!

  14. I might have taken them, too. I love ginger snaps. My husband used to bring them to me in a brown paper bag.

  15. That's my favorite cookie, and I only make it at Christmas...although I make it more than once as I love that smell in the house. My recipe is just about double yours, but otherwise nearly identical.

  16. Oh Oh. This reminds me of one time my mom sent chocolate chip cookies to Bible school for my brother and I to share. Well, he'd just been given some cookies from a family he knew so he asked me to put them in the freezer outside my dorm door. One at a time I ate them. Only one. At a time. When his other cookies were gone he asked me, in the dinner line up, for his cookies. I had to confess they were gone. Loudly he asked "YOU ATE THEM ALL??" Heads turned. I was a little embarrassed. We'll never forget it.

    Great you found a fresh supply baked to perfection!


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