Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Stole my Ginger Snaps?

Well, as the old saying goes...

"When the cats away, the mice are out to play"
Before my vacation time,
I had worked in advance preparation for a cooking demonstration,
to be held later in November, upon my return.

When I returned home....
I had exactly two days to prepare and organize myself
for this event at my nieces furniture store.

I went to my fridge.

My cookie container was empty....
It was gone.

I hastily made an email to family members
inquiring about the Ginger Snaps.
I was somewhat anxious,
as I needed them for my demonstration,
and I was running short on time.

A phone call was returned.
Few words were exchanged.
There was a long pause.

The next morning at 7:00am,
there were two peculiar containers of cookies on my counter,
done to perfection...

During our conversation, I stated...

"Do you not remember the old rule? When in doubt, only take one or two."

The response was,

"I remember that rule, Mom, I did exactly that,
one or two cookies every day for 24 days..while you were gone."

That explains why 4 dozen cookies were missing.

Well, just to let You know...
I have posted your favorite recipe,
for Ginger Snaps!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday's FAVE Five

I've been out of the loop for a few weeks,
but it's always good to come back and connect with
the others who love to share their FAVE Fives.
Thanks Susanne for hosting.
If you'd like to join in the fun, check out the link.

Arriving home this week, welcomed us with a flurry of activities.

Vacation Times ~ for me are meaningful.
Yes, truly, we were busy...Reconnecting with family and friends. New opportunities.
What else can you say when you experience the warm tropical breezes? Let the good times roll.

Birthday Time Again
This little grand child is turning two today. We had so much fun with him, enjoying the beach days. Happy Birthday Silas! Many more happy years to come.
I think the party is cancelled...he's sick...poor thing.

Cooking Demonstration
I was asked to prepare a cooking demonstration at my nieces furniture store, Grand Pappy's using her appliances. This was Customer Appreciation Evening. I invited my friend Steff to be my sidekick and we both had so much fun. My friend Judy was my paparazzi that night and you can catch up with more details if you like, at Judith Front Porch.

We prepared our recipes and one of the biggest hits was
No Knead Italian Crusty Bread!
Artichoke & Roasted Pepper Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wings ~ to be posted.
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers ~ to be posted.
Ginger Snaps
We winged the whole show and had a blast. I know we will be back.

Trans Siberian Orchestra & Concert
Each year my son has made me a CD of this music....but this year we received an early Christmas gift, inviting us to join him to this live concert. What a wonderful evening of music and dance. The group's annual holiday-themed, classic-rock extravaganza welcomes you to a complete show with arsenal of lasers, pyro, fog and scissor-lift staging. It was spectacular.

Friends from Facebook and Blog Land.
I have truly enjoyed connecting with many of you during the past years. So many of you have touched my life in many ways. By reaching out and opening the door, who would of believed I could have receive this wonderful blessing from all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!
I want to wish all of my American friends across the border a Happy Thanksgiving.
We feel blessed and privileged to have you as neighbors.

So this ends my highlights for this week. See you next week.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is a Family?

Oh....It's soooo good to be HOME AGAIN!

The Three S's are often the words referred to describe a warm sunny vacation.
Sun, Sand, Surf
Today I will give you my version of multiples S's!!!

Simple Lounge Chair!

Splendid Views! ~ Throw open the drapes every morning...

"Seize the Day" ~ Early morning walks along an ocean promenade...

Shoot ~ Point, Focus & Shoot!
I brought my budding new photographer along.
He would often join us on a walk.

Soaring Waves ~ "Keep shooting Levi, you'll get just the right wave."

Smile ~ Creating a happy face with the freshly fallen nuts.

Smirk ~ I think he'd rather climb trees than walk.

Sand Castles ~ Hours were spent building castles,
only to be washed up by the waves.

Silliness ~ "Opa, You look so silly with one leg"

Sleep Time!

Silas ~ This is not his idea of being stuffed in a closet!

Swinging! ~ on the kitchen counter.

Strollers! ~ Look who's multi-tasking?



Swinging Singles!


Serious Conversations!

Silent Reading!

My daughters told me to do away with the Symmetrical look.
"Mom, the new trend is Asymmetrical!"

Surfing Anybody?

Spectacular Sunsets!

Silver Linings!

Sandy Footsteps! ~ Making those last steps count on my last dip.

Snow! ~ White stuff greeting us on our arrival, Home Again.

Sharing memories with Special Family and Friends
reminds me that Families Really Matter!