Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's Your High?

As I drive along this familiar curvy road,
coffee in hand,
you can see these long barns...
My legs begin to ache.
How many more times do I need to walk the barns?
My pails are getting fuller..
The Deads are getting heavier.
My sockets are being slowly torn out of my arms.

My husband calls out,
"Your barn has another broken feed auger?"

Oh, all of a sudden it's my barn, not his?
How many more broken feed lines?

I keep reminding myself...

He will be back soon.
One more day!

As you get closer you will see the Bio Signs in effect.
"Bio Security in Effect.
Do not Enter!"

Punch in the code...
What's my code?
There's way to many numbers to remember...
Then there's the alarm code in the barn.
Yet, another number....
Every where I go they need numbers, pin numbers,
telephone numbers, you name's endless.

As I continue to walk daily through these barns,
I have time to think...about things that are mindless and meaningless.
Those loosey goosey necks.
You know where they are headed.
Now I'm beginning to loose it....

So, I noticed that the chickens have found their favorite spot...
What's your favorite spot?

I quickly shoo them away and kick away the dirt
to make sure the weigh scale is free standing.

Ah Ha! That's a weigh scale....not a swing.
When I entered the barn this morning,
I noticed them gathered on the weigh-scale,
swinging with it's motion....
chirping away with excitement.
I thought..."This must be their high of the day."
They all gathered together, pushed, shoved, around as to say,
"It's my turn next."

And yes, HE arrived home safe today. Yahoo!
My barn clothes are washed.
My bedroom is vacuumed.
Bathroom is clean.
A huge sigh of relief!

I think I'll go out tonight and look for a New High!


  1. So glad your reliable farm help is back on duty...and you can pack away all those barn duds. Would you be up to walking a different pathway today?

  2. Glad you were relieved! Enjoy the celebration...

  3. Farm work is a job that never ends. At least your job has a break! Good luck filling up your time, now.

  4. You're a good farmer's wife!


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