Monday, October 19, 2009

What Should We do Tonight?

It's Friday night and we have no plans and no place to go.
Somehow I'm not too content to sit at home and do we headed into Langley, knowing that we had to pick up some new snow tires for our SUV. To top that off we stopped at the Olive Garden and had Toscana Soup and Salad, one of my favorites.
We're heading home, thinking, "Should we go to the Collossus Theatre?"
We both had not read the movie reviews.
So as we were driving....

We found the new Langley Events Center. We stopped immediately knowing that this would be the new sports complex to host the Spartan's sporting events for the upcoming season.
We stopped and looked around. We were both so impressed.

Look at those bleachers! No more old wooden benches. We finally have back supports. I walked into this gymnasium blown away by what I saw engraved in the floor.

The TWU Spartans Logo was imprinted on the floor just like the big NBA teams. I was so impressed that the city of Langley had worked together with TWU to make this such a fine sports complex, hosting and promoting Trinity Western University's Volleyball and Basketball teams.

Better yet, as I stood staring and gazing, someone called out my name....Ah, yes, there were some avid fans from my part of the woods. We chatted only to find out that the Women's Spartans Volleyball team would be playing SFU. The girls were warming up, when suddenly.....

I could not believe it, the SFU girls turned their backs towards us and proudly exchanged their warm up jackets for their team shirts, giving us a real showdown of trendy sports bras, styles and colors. We all smiled and looked at each other.
That would never have occurred in my days of playing sports....
We finally had something to do.

Tonight we hosted our pre-season warm up session in our home, chatting it up with family members, and some were already, proudly wearing their shirts. We had our TWU Spartans' basketball schedules in hand and marked off our calendars for the up-coming year.
Yea Spartans! We will be cheering you on, once again.

I don't think you'll hear me asking, "What Should We do Tonight?"


  1. Hi Marg, that sounds like a fun night you had! Have a great week. Dairymary

  2. I didn't realize that Trinity Western went together with the city on this bldg. We were there for a concert recently. Very nice Arena.

  3. Hi Marg!

    I played basketball when I was young... and also for my all girl High School. Sadly in those days there were not that many girl college basketball teams and certainly no professional teams. I think it's great that talented young women have this option, and it's great that fans like yourself will be there to cheer them on!

    The Langley Events Center looks like a wonderful venue. Enjoy the games

    PS The music playing when I opened your blog .."La Wally" sung by Sarah Brightman, sounds so much like Madame Butterfly's "Un Bel Di" which is one of my favorite opera arias. Very beautiful! I'm going to go and look up more info about this song. Thanks!

  4. College sports are my favorite. I think we might know a kid or two who went to this college :0)
    I love that Toscana soup at the Olive Garden, too.

  5. I love team sports. We had a great weekend of football around here.

  6. Looks like a great place to compete. I googled the college...what a beautiful place.

    Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip that's coming up!

  7. What a great venue. . and I am so impressed too that the university and the city worked together.

    It is so great how you support that team. . .you go girl.


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