Friday, October 23, 2009

Warm Breezes are Calling My Name

Last spring we spent a few days in Southern Spain
at a beautiful resort on Marbella Beach.
This beach runs for miles and miles.
Just a few tropical huts.

Often you could find me strolling down the beaches.
This one day, I saw something in the far distance...
something white.
My curiosity got the best of me.

I could not believe what I stepped into.
These were lounge chairs for the celebrities.
As you see, they are all empty.
This is my second time walking here.
The first time I forgot my camera.
On the weekend prior,
there were scads of celebrities laying on these beds,
being pampered by whatever and whomever.

We were told that Marbella was for the jet set.
Well, I did not quite believe that, till I came upon this scene.
Four king size beds all formed to make a large square.
Large comfy cushions and white fluffy towels,
were draped all around the beds.
In the center they placed a large cocktail bowl,
filled with ice for all their exotic drinks.

It's sometimes fun to be the fly on the wall.

Seeing is believing.

But while you read this,
I need to confess that,
I am also enjoying the warm breezes.

The South Pacific has called my name.
Sunny blue skies,
warm ocean waters,
sandy beaches,
and a simple lounge chair.

For now,


  1. And now .. .I'll pretend you are on one of those fantastic lounge chairs. . .woo hoo .. .
    Have a wonderful time my friend.

  2. Marg, we were spoiled with mattresses like that in Las Hadas, Mexico - it was the hotel where a movie had been filmed and where aparently a number of celebrities also stayed. A company sponsored our trip ... it was beyond what I'd ever imagined. I remember one of the wives saying, "I feel like I've died and goe to heaven." they raked the sand ... asked you where you want your mattress and then ask you want you want to drink ... and it was all paid for...
    Not REAL life!!
    Enjoy your rest!

  3. I'm going to pretend I'm there now :)

  4. I'm pretending too!
    Hope you have some lovely weekend moments! ~Maria

  5. Another one writing from the sunshine! I hope you have a great holiday and store up some sun for the rainy days in store for you when you get home.

  6. Marg, did you just sit down anywhere on that 'jet set' luxury? Maybe on that huge white bed? smile...
    Enjoy the warm breezes! and think of us! smile

  7. I've been dreaming of warm, gentle breezes and the smell of the ocean. Ah!

  8. I hope you ate enjoying your vacation. I can't wait to see some fun, new pictures.

  9. So you're off again! Lovely! Come back soon...


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