Monday, October 5, 2009

The Therapist Drives Me Crazy!

Last Sunday morning after our long hike to Joffre Lakes, I was determined to win my game at tennis with her. I won be default. She opted out. She seemed somewhat tired and worn out.
But as we looked through the window and saw the sun shining clearly on the mountains, we were once more inspired and decided to take the Peak to Peak Chair.

In order to connect with the Peak to Peak Chair, one needs to start off with a scenic 20-minute gondola ride from Whistler Village to the Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain. The fall colors were spectacular.

This chair has revolutionized Whistler. This gondola will allow for unmatched winter experiences and spectacular 360 degrees views. This is also one of the planned and completed construction sites in honor of Whistler's 2010 Olympics.

Now, there is a choice of taking the red chair or the long-waited grey chair with a glass bottom. I wanted the red chair. She declared it had to be the gray one with a glass bottom, so you could see 2000 feet below you. My stomach is churning and she is smiling because she is winning the next match.

The Whistler Blackcomb Chair is the world's longest suspended gondola, with a length of 4.4 km. This distance is covered in 11 minutes. The Gondola carries 28 cable cars which can carry up to 28 passengers, carrying guests at a rate of 4100 per hour. The Peak Chair is the world's longest unsupported span of just over 3 km.

The highest vertical point is 1360 feet over the Fitzsimmons Creek bed - the world's greatest distance above a valley floor. I could not dare myself to take the photo.

While we are in the middle of the span, she starts asking questions like,
  • "What happens if their is a mechanical break down?"
  • "How would they air lift us out of here?"
  • "What if a strong wind picked up with high speeds, stopping the gondola in mid air?"
  • "How would they rescue us?"
  • "What if the car slipped off the cable?"
By now, I feel like stuffing my socks down her throat. But as always, she smiles and asks me like a good therapist should, "Are you OK Mom?"

We arrive safely at the other side.
I sat breathing in the most spectacular view in the world, sipping on a warm cup of coffee, while feeling the cool autumn breezes blowing in the air, announcing the arrival of fresh snow.
I sat their pondering, thinking.... "Why did she have to ask all those questions?"
I had the same questions in my mind, but was trying to be calm and in control.
Great minds think alike.

So this is what the Top of the World feels like. A therapist and her client. Does it get much better? On our drive home, we were reminding each other of the amazing weekend that we shared and at the same time were mourning the loss of our summer days.
But then suddenly we started celebrating the change of weather, which would bring fresh snow falls needed for our winter skiing trips.
I know there will be more adventures with my Therapist.

But did she have to remind me of the long 11 minute ride return trip?

I suppose that's a Therapists way of letting her clients now exactly what procedures to expect.
Let me know if any of you ever need a Therapist. I can make arrangements.
It's one Crazy Adventure. Smile & enjoy it!


  1. Meeting with one's therapist at the top of the world sounds ideal!

    I don't think I'll be riding the peak-to-peak lift anytime I am quite happy to ride along with you...and your therapist. It looks like autumn is the perfect time to visit Whistler!

  2. Now that is a great way to get to that view. I don't know how I'd feel about that glass bottom, though. How great that your therapist likes to spend time with you :0)

  3. I think I'd actually enjoy that ride! Not sure what kind of feeling to expect looking through the bottom, but you can always ignore that . . . with so much else to see around you. So you and Judy have both gone, I wonder who's next?
    So good you could enjoy this time with your daughter!

  4. I have just come across your blog and loved looking through it, your photo's are beautiful!

  5. tummy is doing flip flops just thinking of looking down through that glass bottom!

    SLC chair lifts had a breakdown mid winter awhile ago. People nearly froze to death...discussions broke out about whether it was better to jump and risk breaking bones or to try to climb up and shimmy along the cable upside down.

    This discussion occured while we enjoyed a fall ride like yours, and cemented my conviction that I will stick with rope tows in winter!

  6. What fun adventures with your favourite therapist! We did the Peak to Peak at the beginning of September with our friends who were visiting from Ontario. Loved it!! Went back and forth 6 times. When we were in the gondola with the glass bottom, there was a tour guide in there who explained all the safety features. The gondolas can be pulled in manually if the system got stuck for some reason, and each car is hanging on 3 thick cables, one that pulls and two that support. We felt very secure, and the scenery was spectacular!

  7. What fun - scary - but fun. I usually think those things but don't say them - at least not while I'm riding.

  8. What a wonderful place to hike and how fun to have your daughter to hike with. Your olympics should be really fun.

  9. I need a therapist too .. .you therapist looks like the perfect combo of push and shove and love.

    The views up there are spectacular. . the colors so vivid and vibrant. . .

    Wonderful post.

  10. I came from Susanne's blog.I saw the Canada line picture how did you like that?

    Lovely pictures of Whistler ,We went on Tuesday for the day.So great up there.


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