Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God's Surround Beauty

Today everyone is talking about surround sound in music.
They talk about how to play music using a home theatre system.

Well when I woke up this morning to the sunshine through my window...
All I could think about was Surround Beauty in my home.

I began clicking photos from the various angles in my home.
These are the results...
Once again, it's just how it appears at given moments
and I'm blessed to be their to capture the outpouring of God's colorful creation.

From my office window, facing east,
this is my view....

From the the guest bedroom, facing west,
this is my view...

From my bedroom window, facing north,
this is my view toward farm land and horses.

From my kitchen window, facing south east,
I have a view of farmwork, which is never ending.
Our old Ford tractor, 25 years, needed a change of tires.

All of this surrounds me wherever I look out of my windows.
I am thankful to God our creator for the beauty today.

I'm hoping you can experience something from God's Surround Beauty.


  1. Beautiful views all around I love looking outside everyones windows.. that would be a fun thing to do.

  2. I was thinking along the same line as Lovella ...looking out of everyone's windows would be fun.
    Love the views! I also like looking into lit windows when I'm passing a home ... Not for people, just coziness.

  3. God is good to us! Beautiful views Marg...

  4. Beautiful my friend :)

  5. Oh I love this post, Marg!
    Your views are truly HEAVENLY... How wonderful too, that in you have a spirit of thanksgiving for the 'surround beauty' of God...
    Such a great way to put it!
    Thank you for sharing your autumn splendor with us! ~Maria

  6. Oh I just reread my comment :)
    I meant to say that "in you there is a spirit of thanksgiving"

  7. You do have an amazing view out every direction! Beautiful!
    Are you far from a city?

  8. You really are blessed with a great piece of real estate.

  9. Lovely views and a lovely viewpoint - thanks for sharing both with us!

  10. Doesn't it just make you want to go out Autumnal Caroling in your neighborhood?

    In case you don't know any "Autumnal Carols" feel free to familiarize yourself with them here:


    Surround sound optional depending upon your ability to carry a tune!

  11. It's so nice to appreciate the beauty in what we have. The simple things that surround us every day. (I think the older we get the better we get at this.)

    I love the open spaces you have out there. It looks so peaceful...yet I know farm life is very busy. I wish I could jump right into those pictures!

  12. P.S. It's interesting that in one direction you have mountains and in another the land stretches out like an endless sea.

  13. you are indeed surrounded by God's beauty...including the farm machinery.


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