Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

This week has flown by.
Just finished celebrating Thanksgiving.
Please join Susanne, our gracious host to find out
what's happening her way.
This week was short, but an enjoyable pace.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner.
I loved what we did with my side of the family.
We all joined in to watch a soccer game,
where my niece was playing for UFV,
and then went to my brother's for Borscht & Pie.
Sports and Food!

We took a ride through the country roads,
and landed up at Limbert Farms,
where I purchased a stash of fresh herbs.
There's nothing like fresh home-made pesto.
If you want a simple outing, try something new.
You will enjoy this place.

Riding along the country roads enjoying the foliage.

Thanksgiving Monday was a cool sunny day,
with the north east winds blowing.
A perfect day to clean up the gardens and
cut those lawns for the last time.

I enjoyed some quiet, peaceful walks with friends this week.
The Vedder Trail is always my highlight.
Sometimes it's the simple things in life,
that give the greatest enjoyment.

Hope you have all enjoyed your week.


  1. Hi...I just stopped in from Friday Faves.

    I love the song playing as I logged in..This is My Father's World...that's maybe my favorite hymn and I love that version...I'm going to go look for it on itunes.

    Happy Thanksgiving...your pictures are lovely!

  2. I see all thoughts of the barns have left you by today, or this post...and you are ready for an adventure of a different sort...perhaps involving the sun. Thanks for sharing your highlights - what a super way to celebrate with family, and your pictures certainly highlight the beauty of the area we live in.

  3. Now that sounds like a perfect day for me Soccer and borsh! I love your country road shots and your vista that you enjoy from your home. Have a good weekend Marg...

  4. Marg . they say all is well that ends well .. .It looks like your week ended very well. I love your Thanksgiving Day with your family, what a great way to celebrate the things you are thankful for and for family.

    Thanks for the peek.

  5. Had a fabulous time at Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful are going to have to get some more popcorn kernels.

  6. Oh, what lovely lovely views, Marg. Your Thanksgiving sounded terrific. I'll just have to enjoy those crisp days with fluffy clouds through your photos :-)

  7. What gorgeous scenery! I would love to come visit Canada, but I would want to do that in warm weather!

    I love going to places to buy fresh herbs, so I would have enjoyed your trip to buy pesto. In my part of the world, I go to Amish country to buy herbs.

  8. How fun that you have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Glad you got to spend time with your family.

  9. Can I have basketball and potato soup instead? Your family has so much fun together! Your river walk looks like the perfect spot. Have a great weekend, Marg!

  10. Wonderful FFF my friend. I love all the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to you :) Soccer and borscht and pie...excellent

  11. Wonderful shots to show your blessings this week! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

  12. Sounds like a great week! I love the fall foliage, too. Sometimes when I am driving I have to remind myself to watch the road -- I can get so distracted looking at the beautiful colors.

  13. You must live in a beautiful area. It resembles my farm area in southern Idaho, but you have much nicer barns. Enjoy your slow week, mine has been quite busy.

  14. Marg, I'm spending way too much time tonight going from blog to blog to blog ... and having the time of my life. You certainly live in a beautiful area! And I love this version of This is My Father's World, so beautiful.

    I found your blog from Mennonite Girls Can Cook -- hope you're the right person. Rhubarb is my all-time favorite summer food. You (?) mentioned making rhubarb juice -- how'd you do that? And did you preserve it?

    I probably should have commented there, but that post was from a year ago and I wasn't sure if you ever go back this late ;) Hope you don't mind!

  15. Your pictures are really pretty, its so relaxing to go on drives in the fall.

  16. Stopped by from Friday Faves, and I just love your pictures! And sports and Thanksgiving sounds perfect for my family also.

  17. So true! Simple things give the greatest enjoyment! Loved all your pictures and borsht and pie sounds good to me. I haven't had a good bowl of borsht for a while. Do you have a good recipe?

  18. Sounds like a good week! Looks like you've had nice weather, still. That is always something to be thankful for!

    Love the shot of the trees with their leaves just turning - that is my favorite look of trees. The red on those particular trees is gorgeous.

    I hope you have so many blessings this week you have a problem choosing just 5!

  19. Dear Brenda,

    I'm looking around the blog to see where that Rhubarb juice came from. Can you please find it for me and send it so I can see who the author is...I'm not sure if it's me..cuz I checked on of my recipes, but I did not see the word juice.
    I'd be more than willing to help you find it or find the right person.


  20. Great week! Great photos!


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