Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's FAVE FIVE

It's Friday again and it's raining!
I must admit I have loved this week.
Why? It's been unusually quiet.
Run over to Susanne's Living to Tell a Story.
She encourages us to link together in sharing our highlights.

#1. Our Final Summer Picnic
All summer, our friendship group at church have taken turns hosting
a "Summer Picnic" in their back yard.
This week it was my turn, and the weather cooperated.
We all enjoyed the last fruits of the season,
and the last rays of the warm evening sun.

#2. Baking Rustic Italian Bread!
It was so much fun attending Chef Dez's Class.
He demonstrated and gave us recipes and here is my first attempt at
"No Knead Crusty Italian Bread"
I will post this in the near future.

#3. Creating "Barcelona Salad"
While touring in Barcelona, we dined at this
quaint little restaurant that made the best salad.
It was a combo of tomatoes, avocados, red onions and lettuce leaves.
But creating the salad dressing was the challenge.
I think I got it, after trying four different kinds of dressing.
This too will be posted in the near future.

#4. Chilliwack Corn Season Comes to a Close.
Oh, to see the season end.
This week, I watched the farmer,
roll up in his tractor and chop down the corn stalks.
I ran out and savored a few more fresh cobs and made my
favorite soup, Corn Chowder.

#5. Thankful for the Rain
We have had some heavy rains this week.
Thus, I'm not gardening or watering.
It's wonderful.
The summer season is officially over.
I always need a bit of uninterrupted time to think
about the processes used to organizing and managing my blog.
Bring it on! I love the rain!!!

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Well - you certainly have whetted my appetite!! Looking forward to the Rustic Italian bread and the Barcelona Salad recipes. They look delicious!

    It's quieter this week for me as well - and I'm enjoying just like you!

    Happy weekend Marg!

  2. What a beautiful 'summer-end' tribute!
    I'll look forward to those recipes! Looks like you paid close attention in 'class' !

  3. I've enjoyed the rain too and everyone in Southern California is asking me to bring it back with me...
    Your bread looks fabulous Marg! The salad has a lot of my favorites in it...looking forward to the recipe. We grilled corn on the cob last night...probably the last of it. I bought mine at Yakima Produce Market...It would be fun to run out to the field and pick some :0)

  4. Marg, you have whetted my appetite as well and I'm looking forward to the recipes. I so enjoy your blog. Miss you at TWU.

    Gloria S.

  5. I've been wanting to try that no-knead recipe, but just haven't had the time. Your photo is making me reconsider! Enjoy all the lovely things fall brings.

  6. It has been a lovely week hasn't it?

    No Knead bread is great, and I am always on the look out for another version!

  7. more picnics? And no more corn? Maybe I'll just plant my feet under your dining table then...and sample your new Italian dishes.

    Nice pic's, Marg.

  8. Another fun week! Your bread and salad look yummy! We have had cold and rainy weather this week (not outdoor picnic weather)but your party looked fun!

  9. I love the rain, too. We've had quite a bit lately and it's been nice. Your bread looks so yummy!

  10. I love looking at your blog...finally I get it, my blogging friend!
    See you Sunday!

  11. Wow my friend. What a great end to summer tribute. It looks just so amazing there. And the food...omg it is sooo making me hungry...I want some. Did ya send mine in the mail? LOL. Have a great week my friend :) Aloha

  12. We have not had rain yet but it sounds wonderful. I too have enjoyed the summer corn and will miss it!

  13. Well your bread and your salad have got my mouth watering! They look sooo good.

    I think we've had the last of summer too. It's getting to be quite chilly in the evenings as soon as the sun goes down and we gotten to -4*C overnight!

    Ha! My word verification is "cropper". Now that is totally fitting for mowing down the last of the corn crop!

  14. Those would do it for a fav five for me too!!!! Love that first picture..the lighting...everything. Perfect picture with so much meaning for the first of the favorites!

  15. The picnic gatherings sound like a wonderful idea!

    That bread sure looks good.

    Now that is really fresh corn!!

    I'm glad you got some needed rain.


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