Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Met in a Barn!!!!

We met in a Barn!!!

He had his eye on the cows.

Or did he?

Years back, a young gentleman bought 3 cows,
at my father's dispersal sale.

He bid over $4500 for three purebreds...
Or did he?

I was the secretary for the day.

I had to contact each buyer and record all the data.
(little did I know, why he kept bidding....he was checking what?)

So I thought.

Was I looking or interested?

Not that day.


Then came the phone call.
"Can I please speak to Mary?"

"You are speaking to Mary."

"Oh, is that Mrs. Schmidt?"

"Yes, this is Mrs. Schmidt."

"But, is Mary in?"

"Oh," my mother said, "You want to speak to Marg..."

Well there you got it.....in a nut shell.

We began phoning, writing letters, and dating.
How much fun.

We met each other Dec. 30th, 1972.
Engaged, May 11th, 1973.
Married Sept.15th , 1973.

It took no time at all for us to figure out life.
I had been born and raised farming....
(Only I always said, "I would never marry a farmer")

The wedding took place in a church.
The after party took place in that same old barn yard.


Many years have passed...
Many challenges...
Many highlights...
Many milestones...
Our kids have all grown...
They have left the nest.

We're all alone once again.
We are enjoying the new treasures of this Season.

Let me share a note I found in my scrapbook.
I wrote this to John on our wedding day.


Dear John,

I think of the moments and years in our lives,
that have never been touched!

I consider the mountain tops,
I have not seen you climb,
the dreams, I have not shared with you.

I think of the love and laughter that we
have never known together.
Years of giddy remembrances, not ours!

Yet, I know there is no friendship as dear,
no closeness quite like ours,
for with the Lord Jesus as our Savior,
we are more than friends.

We are God's Household and Partners in Eternity.


Where ever your road takes you,
discover what your foundation looks like.
What is your framework for goals and values?

Too many people jump out of marriage
because of hopelessness and despair.
As a result energy is directed toward fantasy and escape.

You never know what's at the top....
Believe me,
36 years is worth sharing a mountain top experience,
because we chose to
"lock the escape hatch and throw away the keys."

And guess what, you can still find us in the barn together
or sharing mountain top experiences.

Make your marriage a non-stop vacation!


  1. Marg ..what a beautiful post of strength and commitment.
    That poem that you gave John on your wedding day is so perfect.
    I often think that some couples. . could date for years ..and their marriage would still fall apart . . and then there are couples like you that make a decision to spend your lives together and understand your promise.
    It is just so beautiful . .I love it.
    May God grant you many more years of seeing your dreams realized. . .
    Congratulations on your anniversary. . .you are an inspiration.!

  2. Love this post! Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 36 years! God bless you with many more years together...
    We are behind you one year :0)

  3. Congratulations John and Marg on your 36th wedding anniversay. May you enjoy many more years together - sharing life experiences - from the mountain top ones to the barn chores!! Laurie

  4. Beautifully put! Congratulations to both of you. I like what you said about having a foundation.
    May you continue to know the blessings and joys of commitment.

  5. What a wonderful commentary of what marriage is all about! Congratulations on 36 years well lived...and may you continue to enjoy your non-stop vacation for many years to come.

  6. What a beautiful post, Marg, and congratulations on your 36th wedding anniversary. That IS something to be celebrated! I pray God grants you many more anniversaries to celebrate. (Looks like you had a great time in Whistler!) Lori T

  7. Beautiful post...beautiful couple...beautiful marriage!

    Party on! You've only just begun, as know you will be spending eternity together too!
    (The word verification is: grace. How sweet is that?)

  8. wow...that is quite an incredible post! Yes...I so agree with you...so many throw away the key....and forget the door or threshold by which they entered the marriage! Great testament of more than just love but the framework of committment. Congrats on the anniversary....we too were married after only a VERY SHORT time...grin...much shorter than your courtship but here we are nearly 30 years later so yep....years of engagement does not necessarily translate into years of marriage....it is comittment and promise. Wonderful.

  9. I love your analogy on marriage.
    Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on your mountain top experience.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a heart warming and inspiring post! I love your thought of locking the escape hatch and throwing away the key. May you and your Farmer enjoy many more years of vacation!

  11. Marg, that is beaatifully said - an inspiration to value committment in marriage!.... "lock the escape hatch and throw away the key" What great advice!
    I love your 'meeting story'!smile
    Congratulations on your Anniversary! and may the Lord bless you together with mnay more happy more!

  12. Congratulations and happy belated anniversary Marg and John!
    This was wonderful to read and your wedding poem must mean so much more to you know that you have traveled down the same road for 36 years.

    I am one year behind you and I too feel like I am still on my honeymoon vacation. More in love than ever and grateful for every day.

    May the Lord continue to bless you always.

  13. Our lives do have a lot of parallels. I got married at the end of December 1972. Life has had plenty of ups and downs, but it is worth the ride. Thanks for the insight.

  14. Hi Marg - I feel as though we've met too!
    Congratulations on your 36th anniversary - we're less than a month behind you.
    The girl that you were wrote a beautiful poem - a road map for a marriage of heart and soul.

  15. I was thinking of you guys on the 15th, as its my parents anniversary that day too...you have 6 years on them though! Congrats! Really enjoy reading your blog Marg...and love all the recipes!! All the best to you both. Eryn McFee xo

  16. Congratulations. A wonderful marriage is one of God's greatest blessings.

    We will be celebrating our thirty-ninth tomorrow.

  17. What wonderfully sweet and tender memories.
    I love knowing that as the years go by it just gets cozier and cozier.

    Many blessings on a love that lasts a lifetime!
    Beautiful ... just beautiful!

  18. A beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Oh what a nice love story. And it is a true, ongoing one! Congratulations to you both, and thanks for sharing with your friends. Dairymary


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