Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spending Time with my Therapist!

My Therapist invited me to join her on a weekend vacation to Whistler.
How could anyone resist an offer like this. I cleared my calendar.
It's not always easy to find a good Therapist.

Day One!

Let me introduce you to my Therapist.
I'm sure most of you recognize her as my daughter.
Working as a Occupational Therapist, she felt it would be beneficial
for us to enhance our relationship through sharing the experience of hiking.
We drove 45 minutes north of Whistler to Joffre Lakes on an empty gas tank.
The sign read, "Next gas station is located at 95km."
"Don't worry Mom, today your first lesson is: "
Releasing your inner FEARS!

We were about to journey through three lakes on the Joffre Lake circuit,
a 6km hike, to reach the base of Matier Glacier.
At the first lake you will experience a panoramic view.

The trail is somewhat rooty, but I could tell that
she wanted to assess my physical manoeuvrings over the narrow logs...
while she sat back smiling.

There are extended periods of climbing over boulders.
The four kilometers to the second lake are long,
but the view is spectacular.
For many people this is the turn around point....

By the time we reached the second lake,
she had made arrangements for me to meet another Therapist, a colleague.
By now, she's questioning my ability of arriving to our final goal,
the third lake?

"Hey Mom, You've always taught me this saying."
"If it is to be, it is up to me."
Somehow, I'm beginning to fall short of what I preached.

The next kilometer ahead is some of the most vertical of the trip.
As you come to the Third Lake,
the trees thin out and the slopes become bare.
You now experience a 360 degree view and a well deserved rest.

Many hikers walk in and set up camp at the base of Matier Glacier.

"Here's one single tent just for you."
Meanwhile, I'm only thinking back to my luxury comforts
left behind in Whistler.

Of course, during this whole adventure, she was planning
a future hike with all our camping gear.
Maybe next time.

Ah, yes, she totally understands me and knows my limits.
I believe a good therapist understands the skills of empathy...
An effective therapist illustrates listening skills...
A good therapist should be able to clearly explain all aspects
of the prescribed treatment...
Plus a good therapist should excel at creating a nonjudgmental environment.

As you can see, we had perfect weather,
and she had the traits of a Perfect Therapist.

Thanks Mikki for always pushing me one step further.
Stay posted for Day Two!



  1. How wonderful to have that time with your girl in such a scenic place.

    (I think I'd have to bring my massage therapist along as well :)

  2. Wow! Good for you for persevering to the end with that great view as a reward :0)
    Love your creative hiking tale...

  3. Whooo HOO! What a great hike and camp out!

    I love that you learn from your daughter now. I've always believed that we should raise children to become adults that we would enjoy knowing as peers and friends.

    If you laugh at the idea going places with your daughter AKA your therapist, imagine how I feel going places with my daughter the nurse...a hospice nurse at that.
    Oh my!

  4. Oh Marg, here I thought you were lounging in luxury . .but instead you were hiking. Well done, it looks like a gorgeous spot to hike to. So . ..you stayed the night? Good grief. I'm super impressed, I'll be back tomorrow to see day two.

  5. Whoa! I am uber impressed. It is a good thing your therapist loves you so much.

    And, those views were a great prize.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your energy and willingness to reach for the top. What a neat way to spend time with your daughter. I'll check out day 2 of your journey tomorrow. Kathy

  7. That trip looked like great therapy. It's nice that you get out on these great trips with your daughter. It's not too often that you come across such amazing coloured lakes!

  8. What a beautiful place! Wouldn't it be nice to go to all the places you read about on blogs? Looks like a fun outing with fun company!

  9. What an incredibly beautiful hike! And good for you for taking on all three lakes. I'm so impressed! You didn't run across any bears did you?

  10. Marg - what fabulous photos! And the hike you did to get them is very ambitious by the looks of it. Way to go. I'm afraid my idea of exercise is a good brisk sit!! However, I'm sure if my daughter were urging me on I'd at least give it a try. What a great time with your daughter. Lucky you.

  11. What a treat to be able to have this one-on-one time with your daughter...and what an adventure! Good for you in taking up the challenge. It really looks like therapy of a "bio-psycho-social" nature. Your pictures are fabulous...thank you for sharing.

  12. Somehow I have the feeling I would have used one of those turn-arounds . .. just knowing that you don't quit too easily! What a special time and how thankful we can be to have the health to do something like this!

  13. I'm thinking a weekend with a therapist is just what I need about now! Looks like you had a great time...at one of my favorite spots.

  14. Fantastic Photos Marg!
    Loved every one!
    Mom's know best... and now we're at a place where daughters know best too!

    Daughter as therapist brought you to God's therapy... what a prescription for joy!

  15. Wow! Beautiful work, Marg!! I have tingles going up my spine!! I'm so impressed!! The beauty of nature, combined with the love of the people around you, Life is pretty amazing!! Nice pics of you and Mickie, Say Hi to her.Thanks for sharing that with me!!

  16. fire the therapist! joking!
    Beautiful!!!! Love the new pic too!


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