Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

September 11 means many different things.
In 2001, Sept 11, we watched the coordination of
suicide attacks by Al Qaeda change our lives for ever.
We all watched the crumbling of the Twin Towers.
The memory is etched in our minds forever.
Many lives were lost and each year we stand
quietly thinking about the impact it left in America.


And yet life has moved forward...
This day has a special meaning for our family.
Our first grandson was born, Sept. 11, 2003.
This year he asked if we could celebrate his birthday
during our camping trip in August.

So that we did.
The family was all together preparing for the activities.

His Opa was going to teach him to fish.
First he had to practice casting on the road.
(without a hook)

Once he got the hang of it,
we finally took him down to our favorite fishing hole.
After reeling in his aunt's line and catching three fish in a row,
he was somewhat bored and not satisfied.

He wanted to catch his own.

Obviously, he was not thrilled by holding the fish.

So, early the next day the birthday celebrations began...
A party is not without balloons and decorations.
During the weeks prior to camping, he'd always ask,
"How was I preparing for his birthday?"

Ice-cream cake, finger jello, hot dogs and chips.
Sounds like a pretty good time to me.

After lunch there was a small scavenger hunt,
and he found his birthday gift in the forest.

His very own fishing rod!
He was ecstatic.

And of course he was going to catch his very own fish.
Oh yea, what are those chances?

Meanwhile we were all chatting it up when.....
There was a big disturbance....

And here you have it all.

All of a sudden I hollered....
"Levi, You've got something on your line."
What are the chances of a little guy actually catching his own fish?
This was truly a moment.
Levi's father captured every moment on video.
How often does it happen that the camera is turned on?

He experienced a big catch!

Happy Birthday Levi.
I hope you have a wonderful time.
I never knew we could have so much fun together.



  1. Happy Birthday to Levi! How fun to get his first catch on video!

  2. Now that is a birthday celebration that will never be forgotten! And how neat to have Levi's big moment captured on video. Happy Birthday to Levi!

  3. What are the chances of the camera being ready to go at just the right moment?
    It's a good thing that 9/11 is not just about bad news.

  4. To everything there is a season.

    What a wonderful day for celebrating the gift of a very special life.

    Happy Birthday to Levi.

  5. Oh we enjoyed watching the little fisherman at work. Some one has to teach that boy how to lay a fish in the water and give it a swirl to get the gills working again.. .too funny.

    Happy Birthday to your precious big boy!

  6. Oh how wonderful to celebrate a new life on this date...
    A new and glorious event...

    I really enjoyed the fishing video!
    A first catch... and what a beautiful family moment! What a beautiful family!

    Thank you for the smiles today :)

  7. Marg, this was such a wonderful moment captured on both film and video!
    Happy 6th birthday to Levi! He'll awkasy remember catching his first fish with his new rod and I'm glad he threw it back in to get even bigger fro the next catch. :-)

  8. The first fish! Oh my goodness, and on his birthday too. It makes me wonder what is ahead for him and family time.

    Like the saying goes:

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will never see him again...."

    Next birthday maybe he can get waders, fly tying kits, vests, creel, reels, fishing DVD. At least that is what the fisherman around here now wants!


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