Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here's the Nu Look!

Well, I asked for your suggestions for a new make-over.
Most of you gave suggestions for my front-door steps,
which, don't get me wrong,
I really like those and I will add some pumpkins,
and ornamental squash.
They grow right in my garden and they are cheap.

But this is what I really meant...
My new make-over.
It's blue ~ my favorite color.
One size fits all.
It's great for covering up all the flaws, quickly.
Gain or loose a few pounds.
It doesn't really matter.
You can wear anything under neath.
Red gum boots as an accent color.
My baseball hat...

Or this simple suit, can be converted into a hoodie.
You can have a bad hair day...it does not matter.
Now isn't that cheap, quick and inexpensive?

After 36 years of life together,
I'm sure we can still laugh under these suits,
and continue to look for those gold nuggets together.

Today I feel totally country.
It's Labor Day anyways.
I've been cashing in on my corn husking skills,
so for today, I'm cooking a big pot of Corn Chowder Soup.

I also froze a bunch of fresh corn,
with my old-fashioned recipe that I used years ago.
Judy, from My Front Porch will be sharing it shortly.
She and I have been fighting our claim to fame
over it's right's to post.
Thanks to her husband who came to the rescue and claimed that
this recipe came from Marg's kitchen.

Stay Tuned!


  1. Oh so chic! Love that shade of blue. The chowder looks very good. I must escape to the Northwest so I can really enjoy a hot bowl of soup!

  2. Your soup looks great...as does your suit! You guys make a great team.

    Hey...I'm looking for the freezer corn recipe...thought you were posting.

  3. Blue is the new in color! Did you wear these matching outfits in Greece? So cute. But I still want to see the makeover hair cut.

    Your green header with cornfields. THAT'S a new look too. Nice and autumny.

  4. Corn chowder sounds delicious. I know everyone must love it.

    And, you both look cute in our outfits. I actually see quite a few people at work in similar attire.

  5. And it comes in his and hers. How clever, what fun...and the accesories...perfect. The soup looks really tasty. Question? When you freeze soup with potatoes do you find that they go a wee bit mushy once thawed, or is there a trick I have yet to learn? Kathy

  6. Kathy, you are totally right. The potatoes do go soggy and mushy and that's why I love fresh soup, but it's much cheaper to make them now with the fresh products.
    No, I have not found the magic trick.

  7. Hey. .. we have those same outfits for special occasions.
    Your soup looks just great .. .

    One of you better share that corn recipe . ..you fun girls.

  8. You made me laugh, Marg! I could hear your voice all the way through your post!
    I think your blue outfit has some merit... Maybe if you wore that out in public for a month or two it might just catch on!! I've seen worse things called a 'fasion statement' !!!!

    I too love your new header!!

  9. Looks like I can make a visit to your farm and fit right in because I have the exact same pair sitting under my desk waiting for such an occasion.

  10. I love corn chowder but have never made a pot myself. I'll be clicking over for that recipe!

    Love the blue outfits. Real trendsetting! ;v)

  11. Love the blue outfit! Now all you need are some flashy gloves or cool sun glasses to top it off. I can't wait for the soup recipe. I LOVE corn chowder.

  12. Great post Marg..love it:)
    Beautiful new header..I love cornfields!


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