Friday, September 18, 2009


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Where has the week gone?
One of my highlights this week, was creating a new ornamental grass bed.

You know the kind of grasses with fluffy plumes, and they blow in the wind.? We have westerly flows often and they would accent that long tanned fence of mine. The only problem is I have to first dig up all the hard stone clay and so now I watered it all day...Guess what's on my to do list this weekend? Hopefully I can show you my anticipated creation.

I love working with fresh produce. This week I make my Salsa. Our family loves it. I enjoy chopping all the vegetables by hand...that sounds crazy, when you could use a machine...but I just love the feel, the noise, and the results. My favorite recipe can be found at MCGG I have made this recipe several times and its' delicious.

We got to dine out with one of our favorite Chef's in town, Chef Dez. He cooked and baked while we watched in awe at the amazing results. He made the best "No Knead Crusty Italian Bread". That's also on my list to do this week and it too will be posted. I could eat a whole loaf right now. It's absolutely fabulous.

A walk along the promenade, feeling the fresh damp air on our faces.

I love this time of year. The plants and flowers are showing their last splash of color. And this led us to another milestone in our life.

We celebrated our 36th anniversary. Took the Whistler Express Chair to the top...absolutely breathtaking views. Enjoyed a lovely supper at the Rim Rock, (1987) one of Whistler's oldest restaurant's, rustic in appearance, but is known for its atmosphere, service and sublime eating experience. Then we cuddled up and watched Dr. Zhivago.

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  1. You've been busy, I packed lots of fun things into the past week. Wishing you and John many more mountaintop experiences together!

  2. Great fave fives! Wow, you had a busy week. I think the best is your anniversary celebration!

  3. Oh, that first dreamy shot of the grasses and a wedge of sunshine.

  4. I've never had luck with ornamental grasses. Good luck with yours! Your salsa looks delicious. Happy 36th Anniversary and many more!

  5. congratulations on your anniversary

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  7. Sounds like a wonderful week. . .
    Hey. . .lets go watch chef together some time. . a group of us. . .get Judy to organize it.. that's her specialty.

  8. Thirty seven years! Congratulations, that is so awesome!

    I would love to go to Whistler. It looks gorgeous and mountains are my favorite place to be.

    Your homemade salsa looks so good all lined up in their jars. There is something so fresh about homemade salsa that you just don't get with the boughten ones. And I totally know what you mean about loving to chop veggies.

  9. It sounds like you've had a great week. I'll have to find out more about Chef Dez - looked like a very interesting site!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love making my own salsa too, but I have just not been up to it this year. Maybe next year. . . .

  11. I love ornamental grasses. My favorite is Purple Fountain Grass. Not yet a perennial yet though. Don't forget to work some of that fabulous composted barkmulch into the clay. It'll work its magic into that clay!

  12. Congrats on your anniversary. How wonderful. Boy you sure were busy this week. Yes I saw the US Open final It was the bomb. I always like the underdog to win. Serena on the other hand...pfft. Have a great weekend :) Aloha

  13. Happy Anniversary!!
    Great Five and I'll have to try your salsa.
    Happy weekend.

  14. I so enjoy the blogging experience! Did you see my blog on lucky charms too? I know that this will be such a great thing for me! Thank you so much for helping and sharing! I am glad to be your blogging friend!

  15. Happy anniversary! Quite an accomplishment to make it 36 years in today's world! I love your post "We Met in a Barn." What a great story!

    As usual, I enjoyed your pictures and loved hearing about your week.

  16. What a great week you have had. I am a bit jealous of the homemade salsa, the eating out sounded divine, and the anniversary hike looked so fun. Good luck with the grasses. I love them, but have never tried planting them.


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