Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #13

You are all invited to join me as I share my highlights
for this past week. It seems like I just finished this one,
and oops! it's Friday again...I don't know where the time flies.
Dash over to Susanne's to see what's cooking with

#1 Cleaning out the Garage.
It's Fall and it's time to get rid of all that stuff again.
It seems like everyone likes to drop their junk off in my garage.
Oh well, it's clean for awhile. Check that off my list...Yea!

#2. MCC Relief Sale
(Mennonite Central Committee)
Thousands of volunteers come together to raise money for MCC for the relief of suffering in the world. These festivals/auctions offer a little bit of everything - quilts, artwork, crafted woodwork, homemade foods, antiques and crafts. Often there is music and lots of fun activities for kids This year they raised over $700,000 dollars.
I enjoyed my stash of the year, "Vareneki and Sausage" Yummy!
I have bought many home-made quilts at this auction, but this year I bought one bundle of Summer Savory which provided me with 10 small bundles in my freezer. This is the most needed herb when making Bean Soup.

#3. Riding the Canada Line.
This week a group of us from our church, jumped on the new Canada Line which has been completed in hopes of relieving some of the congested traffic during our Winter Olympics 2010.
The train runs from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver International Airport and Richmond. Originally not expected to open until November 30, the Canada Line was completed an impressive three and a half months ahead of schedule. For once we're ahead of this schedule!
It was a great day relaxing and acting as a tourist in our city.

#4. Busting up my Clay
Last week I talked about creating a new ornamental grass bed. It's one thing to run to the garden shop and find all the grasses for our region, but it's another thing to bust up the clay. So, I started on digging and finally realized I need to rely on the help of some masculine strength. Meanwhile, I made my trip to town and picked up 15 large bags of Clay Buster Compost and had the soils mixed together. My arms are still aching. Stay posted for results next week, hopefully.
No wonder my husband enjoys farming in a big way, not a small 10x10 garden plot, that he can't even turn his tractor around.

#5. Helping Lora set up a Blog.
This was probably my highlight. Most people who don't blog...don't get us bloggers, right? Well finally I have someone in our family who wanted to share her experiences of life. We did one tutorial on writing and posting a picture. Lora is the mother of my two adorable grandchildren.
So now I get to check in with her and see what's happening in her world. They are so cute.
Check them out at Always on the Run!


  1. A wonderful week. One of these years before I die I'm going to have to make it to the MCC sale :0)
    I love having my sister blog so I have someone who really understands my quirks.
    I'm glad you have someone to identify with on the bloggy scene in your family! Such cuties in that green growth!!

  2. Marg . .what a great week. I love your picture by the Canada line .. like you purposely wore that green to match with the train trim.
    The little ones are so cute, and how fun to be able to share blogging fun with your dil. ..what a special gift. I'm running over to have a look.

  3. Such a beautiful picture - that last one!

  4. Love, love, love that picture of your grandkids. The colors are so vivid!

    That MCC sale sounds like something I would really like to go see!

  5. It looks like a great week...for sure. I know first hand that riding the Canada Rail was a hoot. How fun to have Lora as a blogging the pic of your grands.

  6. and how blessed am I to have a mother in law such as you! You have taught me a lot! I soooo love to share about my life. It was the computer that got in the way! I look forward our next session!
    Besides being one of your many blogging friends, I enjoy our chats and walks too...and sometimes even without my little ones:)

  7. It always feels good clean out the garage. Nice to have someone else in the family blogging too, that has not happened to me yet!

  8. Love the title of Lora's blog!

    Riding the Canada line must have been fun. Vancouver will be one busy place come Olympic time!

    Talk to the guys and they bring the big machines don't they? Love it. I'll bet your arms are sore. We have clay soil here too.

  9. Yea on recruiting Lora!
    And I will be very interesting in seeing the results of your grass gardening. Bernie loves the natural grasses...I just can't get over the feeling that something needs mowing or pulling!

  10. Adorable grandkids. I went over and said hello!

    That's wonderful to be a tourist in your own town. I have to remind myself to do the same.

    I noticed you look quite bundled up in that picture. It amazed me because it has been so HOT down here in Southern California. I'm in shorts. They tell us it will start cooling next week.

  11. You have been very busy! We had the Olympics here in 2002 and it was so much fun! How fun to have your grand kids close by. Great time of year, isn't it? (I think I have rambled a bit, sorry.)


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