Monday, September 14, 2009

Creamed Corn

What is is about Corn?
Well let me take you way back.
It was in the month of September that we were married.
Yes, we could plan a wedding,
but all I remembered,
was that we had to be back to harvest corn.
Harvesting corn was always a reminder,
that fall was just around the corner.
But, seeing that we changed to broilers 15 years ago,
we really did not have any reason to plant corn.

When I look out my kitchen window today,

I see corn again.

This year....

the corn sheds new light amongst the old memories,
to see the little ones standing on tippy toes,
reaching way up into the sky.

One of our local neighbors asked us if he could
rent our acreage for the corn market.
Just to think that we would have Chilliwack Corn again!

Then this past week on Labor day,
my husband thought it a great idea to freeze some corn.
It didn't take long and I noticed him husking it.
Wow! I wished we had more Labor Days!
In the olden days my kids helped me...
Help, they are not at home anymore.

I had no intentions of preserving corn again.

It poured on Labor day.
But I noticed something peculiar from my kitchen window.
He was setting up shop!

He had everything set, and ready to go.
The electric meat cutter was set up on a table,
while he carefully measured and stabilized
all the utensils to be at the right height for his project.
The table was covered in plastic.
Give a man a machine and he'll do anything.
I was totally blown away.

Let me share with you an old lost recipe for creamed corn.
Thanks Judy!

Creamed Corn
Husk 3-4 dozen corn.
Then cut it directly off the cob. (no blanching)
Put the corn kernels into a large turkey roaster.
Add one pound butter.
Add one 500ml half and half cream.
Cook at 350 degrees for one hour,stirring every 15 minutes.
Keep covered.

Then cool the corn in an ice water.
I cool it in my bath tub with lots of ice.
Yea, it's a corn bath.
Stir constantly.

Then bag it and store in your freezer.

In the winter, you can just throw it in the microwave,
till it is heated through and through.
It's like eating fresh corn off the cob.

Things have changed over the last 36 years.
But we can still stand and smile at each, creaming corn together,
reminiscing about the the wonderful memories created,
and thanking God for giving us these years.

Wait till you hear how we met.....


  1. How fun to document this great experience. We love creamed corn at our house, in fact it's part of our Christmas eve dinner every year... standing rib roast, creamed corn, potatoes and yorkshire pudding! Have a good week Marg!

  2. Many blessings to you two on your 36th anniversary! I'm glad I kept the 'lost recipe' for you...the cream corn looks as good as ever!

  3. I want to say. ..where was this recipe during corn season .. but alas. . it is here now and next year I can make cream corn too. My kids would love this I know.
    I love the way John cut the corn. .showed it to my beloved and now that is offically his job.

    Happy Anniversary Marg and John.. Have a wonderful week.

  4. It looks wonderful . . . but it still sounds like a lot of work. I guess good things don't come easy!

  5. We were married in September, too. We are celebrating thirty-nine years this month. Happy Anniversary to you.

    Marg, you need to give that innovative fellow a big hug. I just love his project.

    My aunt used to always put up creamed corn, and I have used her recipe many times. It is almost identical to yours.

  6. My mother used to make almost that same frozen corn recipe. We would always warm it up with a little milk and it was delicious! How I miss her corn! (I know, I could always make some myself!)

  7. Wow Marg, I have to show Chris this post! He'll love the meat slicer used for corn!

    Such great photos and what a recipe! I could reduce it for less corn... Won't it be fabulous for Thanksgiving!
    I'm getting hungry reading Ellen B's comment about her Christmas Eve dinner!
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. How fun to see dozens of ears of corn turn into baggies of creamed corn!


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