Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can You Feel September?

The nights are cooler.
Morning dew.
Shorter days.
Longer nights.
Leaves are falling.
It's time to slow down....
but not for everyone.

Yes, It's school time again.
The teachers are busy getting ready.

"Mom, I need your help. Are you busy?"
I drop it all and away I go....
Who wouldn't volunteer to help a teacher?

We start by cleaning up the mess.
Last year the school went through major renovations
and all the students were located in 7 portables.

Now it was time to move back.
And stuff was everywhere.
Those of you who are teachers, know what I'm talking about.

But meanwhile, the teachers look quite happy.
They are jovial about the approaching year or are they?
They should be after 2 months of summer vacation.......

Meanwhile, my daughter is visiting and catching up,
and I'm delegated to the clean-up crew.
Garbage Bags and Recycling Bins!
Shopping at Staples.
Shopping at the Teacher's Store.
Now that was a treat....
Choosing borders and posters.

Now that was fun...
decorating her room.
Here's a selection of bulletin boards and borders.
The purple color used in the back drop is the
new interior color of the halls and doorways.
Rather interesting eh? Retro?

Which is your favorite bulletin board?

The school has been restored as a Heritage building.
It serves 250 children ~ Kindergarten to Grade six,
and is located in the heart of downtown Chilliwack,
one of the four designated Community Schools.

This was the first original school to open in Chilliwack in 1871.
It has been through changes during these years,
and the present school was erected in 1929.

And it's all finished!

Anyways, after two days of helping her,
I decided she was worth every cent,
regardless of her summer off....
I watched her pour her passion into getting ready,
once again....
Tuesday will come soon enough.

Kudos to all you hard working teachers.
You deserve your summers off!!!!


  1. Funny , how when you're a kid you think the teacher just shows up - or maybe you don't even think anything. I'm beginning to think that the hardest work is being done when you're not actually teaching . .. just all the background stuff .. prep, report cards, meetings ...
    You're a great teacher's Mom!

  2. Marg...I think you needed a ladder to reach the top...or arms that are a little longer. What fun helping a teacher set up for the first day of school. I always thought I'd like to teach...but now I'm thinking it would be quite a daunting task. May 'your teacher' have a wonderful year!

  3. What a fun way to support your daughter. I was so glad that the school underwent the renos this past year. It is a neat old building in the heart of our town. I too tip my hat to the hard work teachers do. All the best to you all this fall. Kathy

  4. are the best .. I love how you encourage and join in helping where you can.
    I love all the bulletin boards. . I especially loved the picture of you getting up on the table to reach.

  5. Oh, now I miss being there for setting up for a new school year. Especially decorating the bulletin boards and chosing the perfect borders.

    Give your teacher daughter a pat on the back from me, and say Hi to your school librarian too!

  6. Your daughter is so lucky to have you help her! Getting ready for school is such a big job that by the time it starts teachers are ready for a vacation. I am almost at two weeks now and I could already use a break! We do get next Monday off, but I have to help my daughter who just moved. Life is just busy!

  7. I like the purplish bluish bulletin board best. (calming colors)

    What a great mom! And was that you on the table in your high heels?

    Well you might be tired...but I'm sure the room looks wonderful.
    Sounds like an interesting building...built so long ago...I love old buildings.

    I did a brief fire update today.

  8. Hi ~ What a wonderful, loving mom you are to help your daughter. When I was teaching, my children would sometimes come with me to help me set up. Extra hands made the job go so much faster. Happy new school year to all ~ may it be full of many learning adventures!
    Take care.

  9. What a great job you did, Marg!
    And I bet it was fun! I love classrooms...and with my kids being teachers I have never lost that 'school year' break of the year. I love September!
    But this summer seems to have rushed by VERY quickly !!

  10. What fun, to be able to help your teacher/daughter prepare! Good luck to her as she starts off a new school year. Dairymary

  11. Once a mom always a mom. We are always there for our kids, aren't we. It's a good thing. I love it when my adult children ask for help. You really had to stretch girl! Good job...


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