Monday, August 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Bake?

On June 27, 2009
this young gal, my niece, Jen
graduated from the
The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine

We were so honored to be guests of ND 2009!
(Naturopathic Doctor)

She has worked hard!
None of us have seen her for the past four years.
She has been deprived of sleep,
exhausted herself from her studies,
played the political games,
meaning, learning how to jump through the hoops.
She's given up many hours of social recreation,
but she's starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The phone rang....
My niece who just graduated, was on the other end,
asking if she could come and bake pies with me....

This is unbelieveable....
A Doctor calling me to make pies?
We made the arrangements and fresh scones
were waiting for her arrival.

Anyways, after we had washed all the apples,
and peeled them...
we began working with the dough.

She discovered the joy of my new toy, the apple peeler.
It's amazing. It's a must in every kitchen.

Cored, peeled, and sliced!
All within 5 seconds.

I told her I had to wear my apron...
later she discovered why?
I rolled out the first crust....Pie Crust

It didn't take long, and she was applying her skills
in forming this dough to create the right size.

Next, was the Tender Pastry Pie...
I tried to clarify the different pastries and my
reasoning for using them, for different styles of apple pie.

"Apple pie is easy", I said...
"but it's learning to work with the dough,
feeling it's texture,
treating it gently,
understanding it..."

She pipes up and says, "It's like working with human tissue.
It needs to be treated gently,

(she emphasized this)
during surgery or when applying intravenous."

She then continued on to say,
"You need to work with it energetically."
and I'm thinking...
I never considered making pastry dough energetically.

"Ah, ha," she says. "No, I'm watching your hands....
This is not just about a recipe in your head."

"You need to have the head knowledge to transfer the energies translated through your hands, to create the healing texture of the dough."

The Skilled DM

As you can tell we had an amazing afternoon,
drawing parallels to many situations in life,
as we stitched, cut,
and pasted the dough,
she created a work of art.

Later I caught her photographing her pies, just like I would.
I know her next story on Facebook.

For the Record:
Jen has just been offered a Faculty Position at UBC.

Way to go! You will make one amazing doctor/educator.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved,
there is also a love of humanity."


Without question, the judges have made their final decision.
Jen, You made it to the top!!!!


  1. Marg. .. what a blessing to be asked to teach and hand down what you know. I love that you got this opportunity with a gal that you obviously love so much and admire for all her hard work in her education.
    Congratulations to Jen. . .who knows .. .I just might see her sometime and say. . .hey I saw you baking on Marg's blog.

  2. WOOT...congratulations to Jen and who would have ever thought you can compare an apple pies to human tissue. What a great time you must have had. Aloha my friend :)

  3. What a great sharing experience for the two of you. She learned from you, and you learned from her.

    And, those pies look delish. ;-)

  4. How lucky your niece is to get to cook with a pro. My son learned to make fudge along side his aunt and now he is confident and a great dessert cook!

  5. On This RockAugust 17, 2009

    Great post...congratulations Jen, on your educational achievements, your pie baking enthusiasm and your new position. Work well done. too are a professor it seems...of culinary arts. The pie looks amazing...

  6. What a great day you had. I can just imagine the aroma. Who is going to eat those delicious desserts?

    Congratulations to Jen for all her hard work in school.

  7. There are many lessons to be learned in the kitchen...and how fun to be studying 'pie making' with an aunt who's always cooking up something good. Congrats to Jen...may she have much success in her new position...and in all future pie-making endeavors!

  8. Congratulations to your niece! A wonderful accomplishment! And what fun making pies together - they look yummy!

  9. Congratulations to your niece! Graduation and a job!

    Every person should learn how to bake a pie! It teaches you to handle things gently. I always use the exact same words to describe workign with the pie dough!


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