Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rome ~ The Eternal City

We're off to Rome.. We landed in the port of Civitavecchia, and had an hour and half ride through the rolling countryside before we reached Rome. Our tour today, will consist of a visit to the Fountain of Trevi, and The Forum with its Coliseum.

Rome is rich in tradition and history. The center of the city is abundant with ancient ruins and much to see. I will try to be brief as you journey alongside.

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful and popular fountains in Rome. There is a romantic legend attached to the Fountain that says " whoever tosses in a coin will one day return to Rome." We all took the opportunity of tossing our coins over our left shoulders."

We know we will all be back in our hearts.


We were now going to visit the Roman Forum which is the heart of ancient Rome, where the creation of the Roman civilization is reflected in the vase ensemble of ruins.

A walk through Via Sacra (Sacred Way) which is the route followed by religious and triumphal processions.

The Arch of Titus has provided the general model for many of the triumphal marches erected since the 16th century. This was the one and only single opening as we began our journey into the Forum.

The Forum featured many large ceremonial buildings including temples, public halls and monuments and statues.

The Square of the Roman Forum

Roman Forum ~ The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

The remains of the Temple of the Dioscuri (Tempio dei Dioscuri) can be found in the ancient city of Rome Italy, at the foot of Palatine Hill. Commonly referred to as the "Three Sisters", the remaining three Corinthian columns provide an indication of how beautiful the Temple of the Dioscuri must have been.

The Trajan's Markets ~ it was thought that this was the headquarters of the imperial official responsible for the managament of the Forum of Trajan.

Trajan's Market

Trajan's Column can be found in the ancient center or Rome Italy. Since the 16th century, the statue perched at the top of the 40 meter column has been that of St Peter.

The Temple of Julius Ceasar

Here we find the burial site where they believe Julius Ceasar was cremated.

The Coliseum ~ also known as the Flavian Amphitheater

The exterior of the Colosseum ~ this was Rome's best known monument and was the arena of games and gladiators. It was capable of holding 50, 000 spectators.

The Arch of Constantine, next to the Colosseum was erected in 315 AD and honored the Emperor's Victory over Pagan forces and Rome's conversion to Christianity as a result of Constantine's battlefield vision of a cross.

I took one quick lap around the Colosseum. It's totally extraordinary.

Reflecting history and the past. Did this really exist? We pinched ourselves.

It was truly one amazing experience to see and feel the history. Seeing is believing.

Hey, Frank, are these staircases familiar to you, like at the football games at BC Place?

Well, we are only half way through our tour...but we'll leave the rest for tomorrow.

It's lunch time and we were all starved and tired.
I bet I've lost most of you by now, but this will be useful information for me in my years to come.
It's truly a memory trying to record the historical sights that we visited.

Tomorrow we'll stop by and visit the Vatican, but this time I'm bringing some special guests along.
Oops! I have to interrupt our journey in order to post my Friday's Fave Five.

Watch for Monday, as we begin to take our final lap of the European Marathon.


  1. No, you haven't lost me, Marg! I'm enjoying the tours very much and you've got me dreaming of seeing it all in person one day. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. Did you toss in a coin on my behalf? Maybe one day...

    Amazing...experiencing all that history...and being a part of it. I like that you jogged around the Coliseum.

  3. You didn't lose me at all! I was with you every step. I've been to Rome, to all those places and I love the reminders. I threw my coin in Trevi Fountain, too :)

    (My daughter climbed up the side of Trevi and I snapped a photo of her just before the polie came over to threaten to carry her off to jail!)

  4. All the architecture is just stunning. I would love to experience that beautiful city in "real life" one day.

  5. So interesting to read and to look through your 'lens' - thank you for sharing. I love history and hope to someday travel to Rome. For now, I will travel with you while sitting in my comfy chair. Looking forward to the rest of the tour!

  6. My goodness...this is wonderful. Seems like I had no vacation at all this summer so this was truly go on a tour with you. Looking forward to next installments.


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