Friday, August 28, 2009

Nice ~ The French Riviera

This was one of those mornings where I got up and looked out to port and decided that I would just enjoy the view from our ship and take a short excursion walk through the port.Yes we could of taken a train only three miles from Villefranche to Nice, the capital of the French Riviera.
Or we could of taken a train in the other direction to Cannes or Monte Carlo.

Check out the blue waters. It was breath taking. What a view with sailboats. I think I could of just sailed out on the waters all day.

Well I may have disappointed some of you, but we decided to just enjoy a NICE day.
First we had breakfast on the deck. The skies were clear and we felt the Mediterranean breezes.
Villefranche is your gateway to the one-of a kind French Riviera.

It didn't take long and we walked off the boat at our pace, without a tour guide. I must admit it was rather refreshing. When travelling in tour group, I often get this herd mentality and this was more than delightful to look at each other and make our own path.

Taking a stroll down the French Riviera also referred to as the Cote d'Azure (Blue Coast)
offers gorgous beaches and remarkable weather.

I venture out to make sure my feet enjoy the cool waters. As you can see, there is only one fully dressed person. Here is where you can see the bronze and the beautiful soak in the golden sun.

All I could think and say was, "This water is not as warm and inviting." I've been on many beaches in the world, but none compares to the warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands.
Now you know why I frequent the Island of Oahu. It's ocean breezes are always warm and the water is guaranteed to be refreshingly warm.

As I turned to come back up the sand, I noticed the gorgeous vine of purple flowers trailing over the cement walkways.

I love the way it cascades down the rock work. Don't ask me the name...I was known for saying, "I don't have a clue."

Villefrache offers long sandy beaches but you never know what you might run across. Just keep your eyes focused on the water. Yes, all the hype of topless beaches is prominent in the French Riviera.

We enjoyed strolling along the towns' sea-front promenade with all it's yachts and sail boats.

We definitely felt like we were visiting amongst the beachfront jet set city. These yachts are owned by many millionaires. The wealth is unbelievable.

Now it was lunchtime. A stroll through the bustling little alley with it's outside cafes.' It has it's own unique charm. Instead of being entertained by world class cuisine, guess what we ordered?

Pizza! Do you know the origin of Pizza?
Naples is the home town of Pizza, in the 16th Century and it was first made on flat bread. It was known to be the dish of the poor people. I've always been a lover of Pizza and this was one of our favorites for this day.

The hill-sides surrounding the Riviera contain many small, fortified towns which still retain much of their medieval character. In one hand we see the medieval culture and and on the other hand you bring together the mingling of the jet set. It's a strange feeling.

It's an exhilarating walk along the narrow cobblestone streets, made of tile and red brick. Everything appeared squeaky clean.

I wanted to explore every little nook and cranny.

This little narrow alley gives us a picture of the true Mediterranean life.
A glimpse of the ocean in the distance, cruise lines, flags flying in the wind, palm breezes blowing, laundry drying in the wind, and someone taking a dog for a walk. A sign of true tranquility.

And this ends another day. Villefranche is a charming little town nestled against the hillside over looking the bay between Nice and Monte Carlo. An unforgettable experience.
Yes, the pace was much slower and offered us a restful atmosphere.

YIKES! We're almost at the end of our tour. It's time to slow things down...


  1. The purple vine is bouggainvillea. Bouggies come in many different colors, mostly brilliant and vibrant. They grow everywhere in Southern CA. I have a bright pink one in a big pot by my front porch steps. (Well, SoCal does have a mediterranean climate)

    I love the medieval towns. So much history!

  2. I enjoyed my walk along the riviera to the wonderful singing of Josh Groban .. thanks to your play list.

    I think that walking in the herd . .would not be nearly as much fun as just the two of you. .finding your own path.

  3. The pictures, along with the music almost make you feel like you're there!

  4. How fun to join you on the French Riviera! I'm thinking there were many tourists there...somehow I expected to see everyone in 'speedos'.

    I think you chose a wonderful way to spend the day...including ordering pizza for lunch.

  5. How fun to join you on the French Riviera! I'm thinking there were many tourists there...somehow I expected to see everyone in 'speedos'.

    I think you chose a wonderful way to spend the day...including ordering pizza for lunch.

  6. AMAZING photographs. That would be a trip of a lifetime for me. How blessed you are to have that experience.

  7. Sigh.......what a beautiful spot in the world. Hope you are having fun.

  8. Bonjour Madam!
    It's 11:25 p.m. and I am in the French Riviera (by way of your blog).
    What a way to start my week!

    I visited France for 3 months when I was 20. (short term mission trip). Had a great adventure!

    Bon Soir!

    Merci beaucoup for the wonderful pictures and post! the way...I read an article in Time magazine about how young French girls are more conservative than their fifty-something mothers...and they want to stay covered up. (Don't know if that's true or not.)


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