Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Krazy Koffee Wins Again

Yesterday was BC Day!
A group of anxious friends made their way into
the Hastings Race course in Vancouver.
Krazy Koffee was entered in the $100,000 BC Cup Redekop Classic.

Last year a small time owner, Butch, of Sundance Farms,
hit the jackpot with his first race horse, Krazy Koffee.
His horse won the 2008 BC Derby,
with a purse of $250,000 plus bonuses.
This year we've all been carefully tracking the results.
We've all known Butch and Renata's family for years,
and what better thing to do, than cheer there success on BC Day!

Krazy Koffee is getting warmed up on the paddock.
He's been lined up for the BC Cup in the 9th Race of the day.
Start time of the race is 5:23 pm

We are all eagerly making our last minute pre-race favorites,
as you know there are always winners and losers.

Krazy Koffee has a unique way of coming from behind,
and sure enough, he overtook the second place horse and won.

On to the finish line he gallops, by one head's length.
And there is a crowd cheering loudly once again.
Krazy Koffee good to last trot.

Celebrations begin as Butch pops the champagne
and shares generously with all his family, friends and supporters.

Renata receives the bouquet of flowers,
while Butch congratulates his jockey, David Wilson,
and 4 year old grandson Baylor receives the jockey's goggles.

Another BC Day to remember.
Once again, Congratulations, Butch & Renata!
PS. Thank-you to L F for sharing her photos.


The next day, as I looked across the fields,
I see Butch's & Renata making hay!
The rain clouds looked threatening....

I ran over, and suggesed a cup of coffee and fresh Zucchini loaf.
No sooner had I suggested that and we were both piling the
bales in perfectly straight order....
I've been used to that kind of work and my philosophy is
"Many hands make light work"

We then, sat down for a coffee break, and she was quick to state,
"I don't know if I've ever been able to sit and drink coffee,
while watching my husband work."

As you can see, this hard working family does not only win
at the race tracks, but winning against the weather is also important.

Another day, another dollar, business as usual.

A few minutes later, both of us are found up in the apple tree,
chatting up a storm as if we were kids,
picking and sorting through the last of the Transparents.
Many yummy pies and applesauce galore.

You know what I'll be doing in the next few days.


  1. Isn't it great to enjoy your neighbors as friends? Congrats to Krazy Koffee! (Did you put any $ on him?)

  2. Krazy name - but it works! I thought you were going to talk about a coffee place. I admire the work ethic of you did not get there for nothing...if you know what I mean.

  3. What an interesting friendship! I hope you wore a hat to the races....

  4. We are reading this together...while we are having morning coffee...and send our congrats to Butch & Renate on another big win! Thanks to Linda for sharing her pic's...she is never without a camera.

    Now that theOnly on the mainlan hay is in...let it rain! (only on the mainland though).

  5. Kristi vegtAugust 05, 2009

    Can I get your zuchinni loaf recipe??!!

  6. What a beautiful setting for a fun day. Your neighbor is lucky to have a thoughtful friend (you)to share things with.
    That is pretty interesting that you also have pillows similar to mine. That apple green color is so pleasant to look at, I guess it just calls out to us.
    Have a great day!

  7. A post full of excitment! Wow! what fun! I've never know a champion horse personally !! smile
    Good neighbours make good feelings, don't they?


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