Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #8

Good Morning!
It's time we join Susanne over at
Living to Tell the Story.
I wonder what time she gets up to put Mr. Linky together?

This has been a quiet, restful, week for me; something which I have longed for...
My husband and I, both love driving, and looking at the countryside.
This week I will share photos from God's beauty, the farmland.

#1. Straight as a Ruler.
This field has been seeded with at GPS,
to ensure maximum usability of the land.
Check it out for yourself.

#2. Barley outstanding in it's field!
I found it interesting that in one of our newly-seeded fields,
I found patches of Barley poking through to the sky.
I love this shot!

#3. Fresh Chilliwack Corn
This year we planted corn on our small acreage.
I'm sharing with you, my view from my kitchen window.
This corn has been staggered and will be ready early September.
Watch out for that Corn Chowder Recipe....

#4. Reaping the Zucchini from my garden.
It's been fun picking produce from my garden and
preserving, cooking and creating some new dishes.
This week I made Zucchini Loaf and sure enough,
the next morning my walking partners decided to sample it.
A cup of coffee with friends is always a highlight.

#5. Keep Reaching for the Top!
"Oma, it's taller than me!"
There is nothing more fun in my week then when I get to
spend time with my little boy!

Hope you all dash over and see what Susanne is up to...
Hope you have all had a blessed week.


  1. What wonderful views you have Marg! Love the shot of your grandson reaching high! Now that's what I call a great walking with zucchini loaf and coffee ready to go :0)

  2. How wonderful. The zucchini looks awesome and the picture with your grandson is awesome. Happy FFF

  3. And we love when you share pictures of him as well!

    Your view is so wonderful...

  4. Wonderful Fave Five this week! Lucky you with all that wonderful produce!

  5. Your zucchini looks great. Maybe you will post the recipe for the loaf you made. Looks like a good week :)

  6. Shhh, don't tell but I put it up around 11 p.m. on Thursday night so it'll be up for those early birds on the eastern side.

    Love homegrown corn. Around here it's the Taber corn that #1 but this year because of weather it is late. Usually there is at least one variety ready to go at the beginning of August but not one corn stand is open yet. Hopefully soon!

    Who knew you could seed with a GPS?

  7. Mmmmm, loving those straight lines and tall corn. Nothing like fresh vegetables!

  8. Oh, it always does my heart good to see farmland! Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

  9. Beautiful, Marg. I love the photo of the the barley and of course the one of your grandson is priceless.
    I see God so much clearer on a farm than in a city.

  10. Great pictures. It just looks and feels so peaceful.
    You must eat a lot of fresh foods.
    Thanks for sharing.

    BTW I love your blog banner/header.

  11. Lovely green growing things! I am looking forward to fresh corn on the cob with lots of melted butter.

    And you just reminded me of the 5 zucchini I have in the fridge - a neighbour brought them over and I forgot about them! I think that I'll roast them with tomatoes and cheese sprinkled on top. So good!

    Happy weekend Marg!

  12. We really must live in the most beautiful place in the world...your little guy is sure growing (in spite of the corn being taller) cute!

  13. who seeds with GPS in the Fraser Valley? It's good to see everything looking so green on your photos...I'm hoping to see green from my windows once I'm 'home again'...soon. Great pic's!

  14. Love your farm shots! You live in a beautiful place!

    I'm late visiting everyone's sites this week (again) but I didn't want to let a week go by without seeing your FFF post!


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