Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fave Five #9

Good Morning, it's Friday again.
A big thank-you to Susanne over at
Living to Tell a Story.
She so faithfully, allows all of us to share our highlights.

#1. NEW Boots
I'm on barn duty this week. I step to the plate when employees
need vacation time, but do you ever think my boots stay in one spot?
My boots have the name, MOM, Marg...but nowhere to be found.
I finally went and found the classiest boots in town and
was guaranteed that no man will walk off with those boots again.
They are MINE!

#2. Picking blackberries.
What a wonderful day picking berries with my daughter Suzanne.
It won't take long and she'll be busy at her teaching job.
We love this season, even though we both
have to squiggle through the worms and spiders...Ugh!

We felt somewhat productive and then the rain came!
It poured, and as you know,
you always pick berries before the rain.
We just made it in the nip of time.
We'll try again next week.

#3. Rain
This week it rained and all the farmers are smiling.
We've needed it badly.
No more watering for me.
What a relief.
(I know it's not good for those on vacation)

#4. My little daring one!
He loves to run as fast as he can and jump into my arms.
Smiles and giggles all the way.
No fear in him.

#5. Enjoying Beauty.
This week has been a bit slower for me.
I have enjoyed the sun, rain, and the quietness.
It's been refreshing.

I hope you have all found some bright spots this week.
I'm looking forward to reading other bloggers' highlights at Susanne's.


  1. Love the picture on the tramp. Brought a smile to my face. I can just imagine how it thrills your heart to have him racing at you like that.

    Your boots also brought a smile. Yup, I do believe you're onto something in keeping your boots hanging around. ;v)

    So what will you do with all those wonderful blueberries?

  2. What a lovely fave five! Especially love the one of your grandson!! Can't wait for grands in my life.

    Cute boots! I've done things like get a pink brush and toothbrush so the males in my life don't mistake mine for theirs.

    Love #5.

  3. Cute boots! Now I personally would think a matching gum rubber Austrailian style Tilly hat would be adorable for rainy days...

  4. I've never seen boots like that before! I agree - the men should leave your boots alone now!

    I adore that pic of your grandson on the tramp! Talk about melt your heart!

    I also really like the picture of the tree with the yellow leaves. Awesome!

  5. You are SO blessed! Your grandson is precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I enjoyed your blog today. Sometimes the simple things are the best part of summer. Picking berries will bring tasty jam for cold, drab winter nights. Hope the rest of your week is enjoyable, too.

  7. I think it's unanimous--we adore your boots! Add me to the fan club.

  8. OMGoodness #4 is just awesome. I love it. Excellent my friend. What a wonderful week you had. Have a great Friday and when you get over here...Lemme know :) Aloha :)

  9. Those are fun boots! I love picking blackberries too, and making cobbler! Sounds like a fun week!

  10. Oh man the rain came down in buckets at about 3:00am last night here on the Eastside of Seattle. I'm glad you got your blackberry pickin in...
    hmmm I see some blackberry pastry goodies in your future.
    Love the new boots. Smart thinking to get some very cool girly ones.

  11. Those are the finest barn boots I have seen!

    I see it's been a good week all around...from the berry pickin' the grands on the tramp.

  12. Your boots are cute. I love your baby's energy. These are great great faves.

  13. Maybe you should be on barn duty every week, so you'll have quieter weeks :). You might be able to talk your way in to more new boots too. A pink pair would guarantee no men would take them...

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love the new boots. And that picture of your little one is gorgeous.
    Glad you enjoyed the rain and took in some natural beauty!

  15. Marg...I love the boots. . good choice. I chose bright yellow and they will also be worn only by me.
    Your little guy running and jumping on the tramp made me smile. . and the blackberry picture has me heading to the back forty to see if mine are good . . . or moldy .. .please let them be good.

    Happy Chores. . .I'm glad it's cooler.

  16. Nice faves...for sure. Bet you can hardly limit the faves to just five!!!!


    Also...nice blueberries and very cute little darling!

    I have 2 blueberry bushes in pots in my backyard. My sister-in-law bought them for me and I now I must plant them.

    I'm not sure if our nights are cold enough. One pot says "Blueberry Misty" and the other "Blueberry O'Neil".

  18. What great pictures....I love the boots. And the picture of your little guy is absolutely delightful. I can't believe how quickly he is growing ...less of a baby and more of a toddler...glad your week was more relaxed.

  19. What a wonderful week. For me it felt a little bit like living it with you, being there together with you. I wish you many more days and weeks like this one, because this was grand.


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