Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day At Sea

What does a Day At Sea look like?
By now, most of you must be wondering if we ever had a day at sea? I was more than happy for those days. They were spread out in intervals, and they became more welcome as time went on...
What did we do? I could not imagine cruising with out our dear friends. They were such good company. There is nothing more valuable than to share a cruise with wonderful friends. We did many excursions independently because of interests, but on our day at sea, you could always count on us whooping up a storm.

Often the men could be found down at the pool...same chairs, same towels, same spot...same discussion, same women. They are so dependable and reliable!

The pool had a beautiful out door deck, live music, great food, and of course the talent show.
We encouraged Frank to enter the talent show for the biggest splash.

Some slept.

They both slept!

She's still sleeping!
(Maybe I should of whispered shopping?)

I actually read a book or two...relaxed and just enjoyed the quiet time.
What else do you do when the rest are sleeping?

Sometimes I ran around the deck..
but it was extremely boring after awhile..
Sometimes you could fine me at the gym.

Eventually I did my laundry by hand...I thought that if all over Europe they could hang their wash publicly why couldn't I let my laundry dry over the cool breezes of the Mediterranean ocean?
You could look up in any streets, always to find laundry hanging...It drove me nuts.
But as you can see I fell into the same trap!

Once it seemed like we had all caught up on our emails, and all our chatter, soon we found ourselves, once more, getting ready for a formal evening. Our waiter was superb! Always entertaining us with some sort of napkin tricks. Do you think I can remember any of them?

What a dazzling couple.
(They should be after sleeping the whole day.)

Oh, yes. Each evening we were entertained by a variety show featuring Celebrity Singers & Dancers, aerial artists, accompanied by the Celebrity Orchestra. I felt like I was in Broadway.
Amongst all those dazzling artists, I found my spotlight and stole the show.

Oh, one more was my last duty to make sure that this young man always had a rolled-up towel to serve as a pillow for his head.
Early retirement.

Well, 5:30am comes early, we're off to Rome for another 10 hr. excursion...I think it's bed time.


  1. Ahhh...I think this was the best sleep I've ever had...(snore!!!!***)

  2. I can picture it all! I think I could handle a sea day on the Mediteranean quite well.

  3. Looks like a fantastic, restful time. Wonderful story and pictures. I especially was thrilled to see the towel on the last picture. Awesome :)

  4. Oh Marg. . .it looks like a fabulous time . .and yes. ..good friends can not be overrated at all. I can easily see myself in your place there. .. quite easily.

  5. Ah, life is good. I could definitely enjoy this.

  6. What a great time! You look like you had the trip of a lifetime.

    About the laundry--when you don't have a dryer, you have to use the sun and wind.

  7. Very relaxing... The gentle breeze and the breathtaking view of the sea is just enough to relieve the stress away.
    Have a nice day!


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