Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping in our own Backyard

While some of you have been reading about my European travels,
I was actually camping in my own back yard.

Now it's time to take you back Home Again.
Within one hours drive east, you will approach the most
beautiful provincial park in BC, called Manning Park.

Manning Park is a winter wonderland,
and becomes a beautiful, fishing,
hiking and walking mecca in the summer time.
Over the past 30 years our children have taken their first baby steps,
first ski lessons, and first camping lessons in this 70 hectare park.

Can you imagine drinking coffee in the early morning,
with beautiful clear, sunny, blue skies?

My oldest grandchild has been counting sleeps for this camping trip.
Helping Opa hitch up the truck and trailer is his job.

How about canoeing?
With trout jumping all around you?

Going for walks and studying about beaver dams?


Yes, there was a fire ban.
How can one camp without a fire?
That man of mine will not be defeated.
The pick-up was packed to it's gills.
I was wondering, "Why does he need to bring so much stuff?"

Now, I finally understand.
He made sure that if we could not have a fire,
we would still survive with a large propane heater,
almost as big as a chicken brooder.
He continues to throw me off by his resourcefulness.

Let me tell you,
No one was cold,
we roasted our marshmallows,
we warmed up our buns,
You name it!
We had comfort and warmth.

After a few days,
little brother was wondering what he was missing....
So he joined his family and visited a few days.
And then more family joined...

A stroll through the meadows?

You can see now, why we keep coming back to the same spot.
Memories have been etched in their hearts forever.

Stay tuned for more action in my own back yard.


  1. What a beautiful place to share fun memories with your family. Your husband deserves an award for making the experience still fun with his "camping gear".
    BTW, I tried your link and it didn't work.
    I tried:
    Did I try the wrong address?

  2. I love being able to see Manning from all the different perspectives.
    Your chicken brooder made me laugh. . .we have one like that . . old as the hills but it still works.
    Yay for resourceful guys. Your little boys will be just like him.

  3. I too chuckled at the 'chicken brooder'..whatever it takes, right?
    Glad you had a great time and great weather!

  4. It sounds like Manning was all you hoped for...once again. The best camping a beautiful spot...and a 'pretend fire' just couldn't go wrong!

    I'm so glad you found blue skies...because they have been rather hazy over here lately.

  5. As one "back yard" camper to another: Are we not the luckiest girls in North America?

    Yah, we certainly are!

  6. As one "back yard" camper to another: Are we not the luckiest girls in North America?

    Yah, we certainly are!

  7. What fun to have these long standing traditions of camping here! It really looks like a lovely spot. How fun to be able to camp with the grands, too!

  8. What a wonderful story and the pictures are awesome. It is beautiful there

  9. Marg,
    I tried it again and it did indeed work. I had to laugh that your situation was so similar to what I have been feeling. With our "farm roots" we should be better equipped to handle these animals, but it is nice to know that others have an uncomfortable time with them, too. At least we can laugh at ourselves now!

  10. What a beautiful place to hold so many wonderful memories.

    We have places we visit again and again, too.

  11. I can understand the habbit of going back to the same spot! and what a beautiful place we do have in our back yard... winter or summer! If I lived in Europe I'd like to see this place too!

  12. what a beautiful camping spot! You're making some wonderful memories for your grands :)

  13. Those pictures are enticing me to make a trip up there! I've thought about it a few times but have now added it to my places to camp next summer.


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