Friday, July 3, 2009

What's all the Ruckus About?

I woke up one morning to this ruckus on my back yard.
Truck, wheelbarrow and cement mixer.
What's happening?

Ah ha! I think one of my wishes is coming true.
For years I've wanted a flagpole,
especially, to honor our upcoming 2010 Olympics!

It didn't take long before I pitched in,
"Can I invite the Mayor to join us for the Flag Raising Ceremony?"

Preparations began for July 1, 2009!
My daugher in law jumped right in, both feet, with many ideas!
Together the two of us walked together and brainstormed at Starbucks.
Starbucks coffee drinkers began giving us their ideas....

This event was meant for the young and young at heart.
Thanks Tino for bringing your Mom!
You were the best MC!!
What a Sport!

Patriotic Spiritism!
That was evident.

Games for young and old!
Those white spots are water balloons.

Look whose drenched!

Sack Race!
I had to try my hand, just once.
I lost.....

Face Painting!

Log Rolling!

The One Hundred Yard Dash!
The Winner?

Water on the Tramp!

Snitching Raspberries!

Levi's Ice Cream Bar!!!

Watermelon & Roll Kuchen!

Happy Canada Day Cake!

Rewarding of the Medals to the Blue Team!
Thank-you Lora.
This was so much fun.

This could not happen with out someone behind the scenes.
Thanks loads, Steff.

And whose putting the final touch to the details?
I think he ran a marathon that day!!!
He has know idea how emotional I was, when the flag was raised.

The day was not finished until
my robust and sturdy brothers carried the pole...

Heave! Hoist!

"Are you sure we can leave go?"

And where is our Mayor?

(Unfortunately in the 11th hour, she became ill,
and had to cancel all her appointments that day.

So we continued on.....
We gathered together and sang
"O Canada"

During the raising of the flag, our Mayor left a voice message.

"On behalf of the city of Chilliwack, I, Sharon Gaetz, your Mayor,
would like to thank-you for your patriotism and your
passion for the country of Canada!
Your parents have paved the way for their original
love for your country,
and you, too, are sharing your love for your country,
with family and friends.
Thank-you for sharing faith in your country Canada!"

What a wonderful day!!!
Another Milestone!


  1. You really went all out! It looks like the prefect flag-raising party...from beginning to end. How nice of Sharon to send a message in her absence. May you enjoy your flagpole...and fly your flag high...for a long time to come.

  2. Wow!! You folks know how to celebrate. You've given me some wonderful ideas - I'm starring your post in Google reader :)

  3. Marg. . .I felt equally emotional when we raised our pole last year.

    It really does something to our heart strings to see our flag hoisted. I had people kind of chuckling at our intensity of our exuberance. . .but I didn't care. . .we put it up anyways.
    Girl .. you put on one amazing party. Good for you.

    Don't forget to go buy your provincial flag to raise on our provincial day in August. We love that one up for the month of August. .and reason it will last about 12 years. .instead of one like our Canadian flag does.

  4. I choked up at your flag raising picture...and I only have one ancestor who was born in Canada, back in 1811.

    We have so much to be thankful for, that we are good neighbors, and have nothing to fear from each other. So few countries of the world can say the same!

  5. Gosh, it gave me the chills, too. I know how you feel. I get tears in my eyes when I look at our flag.

    Patriotism is wonderful!

  6. Oops! That last one is me.

  7. Wow that's celebrating in grand style. I love it!
    I choke up when I see our flag raised or when singing 'Oh Canada'.

  8. aww... I felt like I was there!!
    What a wonderful day !!
    I'll come looking for your flag!!

  9. Oh I was almost crying by the end of the post! Wow....thanks for the day's super that you were able to celebrate so wonderfully...I am such a Canuck...through and through so it blesses my heart to see another one raise the flag!

  10. Such a well planned day! I'm amazed at your energy . . . you're inspiring! Oh, and should I tell you that when my H and I were newly married, we taught S.S. to a class of boys and Orly was in there?

  11. michelle mJuly 09, 2009

    Looks like your place is too be on Canada Day! The town of Chilliwack should take lessons from you. I had hoped for the same kind of fun at the Heritage Park but was faced with an indoor event on a beautiful day with businesses promoting themselves.

  12. Congratulations Marg, on getting your flafpole and flying your Maple Leaf high for all to see! You hosted a wonderful celebration.


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