Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a Hot One!

Birchwood Dairies is part of the Circle Tours in the Valley.
There is nothing better than driving out to the country,
knowing there is fresh home-made ice-cream at the other end.

While I was sitting licking my ice-cream cone,
I glanced up and thought,
Sheer Determination!
Nothing is going to stop him from enjoying a
grocery cart filled with ice-cream buckets.

It's been hot and he knows where to cool off.

Oh by the way, check out this Blueberrry Scone Recipe.
I made a batch yesterday, I think another one today....

Anneliese Blueberry Scones
It won't take any time and those will be scooped up!

Oh, by the way,
Happy Birthday Frank!
Don't Fear...You are scared of growing older?

There are three periods in life:
youth, middle age and “how well you look.”
~ Nelson A Rockefeller


  1. Happy birthday to Frank! I love that quote..lol...so true!

    I've seen those scones in Judy's blog and copied the recipe then. I have the blueberries so I might give in and finally make them although my waistline tells me not to. They look too good to resist!

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2009

    The scones look great. Happy Birthday Frank :) Great quote :)

  3. That's one determined ice-cream lover! I can empathize with him -I LOVE ice-cream. It's my favourite summer treat.

    Best Birthday wishes to Frank!

  4. PS

    I meant to add thank you for praying for me! And I'm remembering you in prayer too.

  5. I make batches of those delicious blueberry scones whenever we have house guests. They are so tasty, low in calories, and just perfect for lingering over with a cup of tea in the morning.

    It's been HOT here too. Already half way through summer though..so I'm enjoying,not complaining.

  6. Hi Marg! Thanks for stopping by!
    Anneliese's blueberry scones look fabulous... and pretty light... only 1/4 cup butter...and 1/4 sugar...not bad!
    I'm so glad that Anneliese began to write... what a blessing her posts are.
    Ice cream is a great reward isn't it ~ the photo of the 'determined' man...
    I like your playlist...David Nevue and enjoyed Pachelbel meets U2...just great!
    Showers of Grace ~ Maria

  7. Made a batch this morning .. had them ready by 7 when grandgirlie arrives for her breakfast.
    I love fresh dairy icecream. .thinking I should make some.

  8. that blueberry scone looks wonderful.
    And so do the berries in the next post! Wow.

    Loved the picture of the old guy with his ice cream buckets.

    And happy birthday to your friend!

  9. Oh yes...it was a great day for ice-cream! And Birchwood has some of the best.

    And it was a good day for birthdays as well...Happy Birthday, Frank.

  10. Hi Marg! It seems like everyone but me has been making those scones! But just wait . . . blueberrry season is coming . . . actually it's here, isnt' it?!

  11. I have the day off of work, and I'm out blog cruising.

    And, seeing all of the wonderful berry dishes is making me hungry. And, I just so happen to have some blueberries. I better get busy.

    Happy Birthday to Frank.


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