Friday, July 31, 2009

Fave Five #7

Each week I look forward to sharing my highlights.
The time flies by so quickly and here we are again.

Thanks again Suzanne, for sharing your site with us.

Sometimes it's easier to dwell on the difficult challenges of life,
and then I just have to take a ride down town Vancouver,
through the east side, where the homeless live and reality sets in,
"I'm Blessed"
This week I need to acknowledge those blessings.

#1 Just the Two of Us!
This summer has been busy hosting many out of town guests.
I always love it when the two of us can escape and
cycle around the Stanley Park Sea Wall.

#2 Lunching with my Daughter!
My daughter gifted us with birthday tickets for Les Miserables.
What an outstanding musical. It's a must.
The following day we had lunch with her on her noon break.
It's the first time I saw her in her "scrubs"

#3 Spending time playing Hide n Seek!
Is there any greater fun playing in the deep grass.
Booo! "I Caught You!"

#4. Another Celebration of Life
My aunt passed away this week at the age of 90.
We will all remember her with profound gratitude and deep humility.
She was an example of a life fully lived to the glory of God.
This brought together cousins from far and wide.
What a blessing!

#5 A Concert with MW Smith

I love the music of MW Smith.
Over the last 25 years, I have been able to attend several of his concerts.
I love and appreciate his music,
and have collected many of his CD's and music books.

This past week he was in our home town.
He not only shared his music, but he also shared his blessing with us.
He told a captive audience that his 74 year old Father,
always blessed him, all his life,
and that now he wanted to take the time to bless all of us.
His blessing is so heart felt.
Take a minute to return a blessing to your family today!
(to hear this video please turn off my play list,
by pushing the large middle circle above the word Title


  1. Of course I am loving the picture of your daughter in her scrubs. She has worked very hard for many years to become the professional that she is, and it is very fitting that you have your picture with her in her professional garb because surely you are a part of sharing in her it is always smile-worthy to see the younger generation picking up the torch from us oldies and probably doing better and contributing more in many ways to the state of healthcare.... congrats to her parents for giving her the encouragement and blessings...and many many prayers, to be sure!

  2. Michael W. Smith! I love his songs. I wonder if I could ever see him live...hmm. Wonderful faves. You and your daughter look like girl friends. I love the smiles. That's a great photo of the hide and seek. What fun!

  3. What a great pic of you and your hubby. My hubby and I have really enjoyed bike riding this year.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  4. I think that Les Mis is one of my favorite plays of all time, I really need to take time to read the book. Sounds like a good week. Sorry to hear about your aunt, but its wonderful to celebrate a persons life.

  5. What a great week with wonderful photos to go with! What a blessing to know who life comes from and who to be grateful to. Have a wonderful weekend...

  6. I love time with my daughters, too. They are special! I love the hide-n-seek pic--so bright and cheery. What a blessing that your aunt lived a meaningful life and is now enjoying her reward.

    Michael W. Smith's music means a lot to me, too. I was listening yesterday to his "The Lord's Prayer." Such a gift he is.

  7. What a wonderful list!! It's great to spend time with family! I love that grass! :)

  8. AnonymousJuly 31, 2009

    What a great picture of you and your hubby. This was an excellent FFF. I'ms sorry to hear about your aunt. She is at peace now and your memories will always be fond and loving of her. Have a Happy Positive Day, 2009

  9. what a wonderful week it is always great when we can celebrate the life they led

  10. Marg. . .I love that you can do the fave five. It is such a great way to end the week and when you don't always have time to blog everyday. .this still is a good journaling tool.

    Your daughter looks so cute in scrubs. . your grands look so cute in the grass. . .you and your man look so cute on your bikes.

    You are blessed. . .

  11. What a great week, focused on family and worship. I know your aunt is so happy now, laughing and running around and worshipping there in heaven!

  12. Great list! I enjoy riding bikes with my hubby, too. I have to say that I adore the picture of your grandchildren!

  13. What a wonderful list this week Marg. I saw MS Wmith in PA at Creation - a musical festival with over 75000 young people. He was awesome. We all lit candles during the last song. I'll never forget that sight of 75000 flickering lights as everyone sang "Breathe".

    Your grandchildren have such sweet faces - and your daughter looks fantastic in her scrubs too.

    Happy weekend!

  14. I love that you listed the passing of your aunt in a positive way. It is the blessing when believers go to be with the Lord.

  15. I did enjoy your Sound of Music post. There is nothing quite like it, is there? You must do a lot of traveling. Thank you for your nice comments on my post. I look forward to reading your future posts. We do seem to enjoy a lot of the same things.

  16. Marg, thank you for sharing your week. We all have so many blessings all around us if we only take the time to notice.

    Your daughter looks great in those scrubs. I know she worked hard for them.

  17. Enjoyed your celebration of life's moments!


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